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  1. Personnally take the duo... but.... it depends if you need a cm or forward more In Your squad. also what is the game world number looking to join a competitive world?
  2. Needs new managers, big clubs, big players available, be nice to get more people involved. Pin - 79250 Hope to see people join ...
  3. Been in this game world for a couple years, needs managers back as it's dwindling now ?
  4. I'm stuck with a dilemna over Andre Gomes. He was brought for 50 mill euros to Barca but is always made the scapegoat or rumoured to leave as he hasn't settled. A good move seems to be on the cards (Juve/Liverpool) which might bring out the undoubted potential. However do I sell? i only have the SM offers of nearly 17 mill and might grow a concern soon as I have other players in either attacking or more defensive central midfield. Is he worth keeping and playing more often or sell & who would you buy in replace? TIA
  5. been offered a straight swap for Koke for weigl & asensio. i don't necessary need the asensio (I have lemar Alli & a few youngsters as well) is it worth the deal though?
  6. Personally IMO I would try and get de gea & verrati, you could sell bravo & gabi? (Raise more funds from elsewhere if needs be) Worst case get trapp and verrati
  7. Can someone rank christensen, kimpembe, rugani, lindelof, vallejo, laporte, umtiti. looking to invest into young cb's, but who's worth buying? TIA
  8. i need to sell one at least 1 / 2 of the following left backs, as I know I can't have them all with concerns in the future. D. Alaba / M. Alonso / R. Guerreiro & L. Kurzawa My thinking is Alonso due to age & not playing internationally but will he rate up in the future again? will guerreiro continue to play left back & are the injuries a a concern? I also have Grimaldo & r sessegnon on loan! whats people's thoughts TIA
  9. Can some one please rate these in order of potential risers .. william carvalho / Carlos Casemiro / emre can / Julien wiegl / Saul niquez
  10. Diego godin... do I keep or sell for the SM bid 37 mill.. I'm kiddy harriers and developed a good squad and lots of youngsters to feed into the team. i have godin koscielny savic Laporte with rugani and Christensen coming though.. I have no money to buy another player with not really anyone avail but will he stay at 94 rated for the next season or two, or shall I cash in and buy someone at 90/91 rated when they're avail?
  11. Keep koke and Laporte. in my mind they both will last / rise in future (But if you want/ need a striker compared to defender though that's depends on your squad but mata won't rise again )
  12. Can swap vertonghen (unmanaged/external ) for Miranda .. Is it worth it?! Considering the lower rating of 91
  13. Dilemma - in order who is the better young right back These are the ones available in my game world (I'm after a back-up to carajaval) Clyne (Liverpool) 90 mario gaspar (Villarreal) 89 Durm (Dortmund) 88 Hysej (Napoli) 88 Vrsaljko (sassulo) 88 Weiser (h berlin) 87 Cancelo (Valencia) 85
  14. I need to sell a right back or two... I've kinda had them since they were all lowish rated but this season they've either all had raised, or are expecting raises I Don't know who is best to sell, as they all play or are linked to big moves (rumours I know, but if they get the move there value will increase Clyne (Liverpool) 90 mario gaspar (Villarreal) 89 Durm (Dortmund) 88 (he's newly converted rb) Hysej (Napoli) 88 Vrsaljko (sassulo) 88 Weiser (h berlin) 87 Cancelo (Valencia) 85
  15. -----------------------------------Rugani & carrasco for me ---- --------------------------- Jealous of this deal, no one negatiates in my game world ----------- ------------ Amavi, if I'm 12 months he has a full season back from injury , he'll be a 20mill+ Player ---------- Costa........ ------Personally carrasco, he'll rate up sooner, but both have they pro's and cons
  16. Miranda.. 92 rating. It is it safe, or should I accept the 17 mill on offer? (However not many CB's available) only abdennoir 89 & Dominguez (monchengladbach)
  17. Timothyg111


    Is defender Miranda for inter rating safe. He Seems to have stayed at the same 92 following league update, but is it safe to keep him. Just got a 17 mill bid, but is it worth accepting, as he is my best rated defender (Savic, chiriches & schaar), considering no other defenders below 39 available only
  18. Kravevitter or Casemiro, I have kravevitter but Casemiro is available but would need to see to buy
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