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  1. Di Maria now have 92 as for S. Niguez, Jorghino, J. Martinez they have already 92 rating. ☺️
  2. Hi guys, long time no see Can you suggest me a list with some players who have good chances to grow at 92? The position that i wanted is DM,M central. I have Gundogan and i want to sell him before the big review. Any chance for Angel Di Maria to grow at 93, i know he drop 1 rating in Dec 2018. Thanks in advance! ☺️
  3. From my perspective the order for ranking is: Bonucci, Hummels and Marquinhos...but for the long term both Bonucci and Hummels are at the maximum of their potential.
  4. Yea, it's a high chance for them to grow. B.Silva, Sane, Fabinho....the order for getting +1
  5. Milinkovic-Savic Sergej, i don't think he will get +1...at Lazio just Immobile Ciro have over 91. The only chance for him to grow over 91 is to leave Lazio and go to bigger team.
  6. Gomez rather will go to A. Madrid than Barcelona....now as Griezmann is going at Barcelona.
  7. Hm, now he wants TTA for Kimmich...the problem is i like both very much...but i think i will keep TTA.
  8. Joe gomez + Lovren for Kimmich...it's a fair trade?
  9. I like very much VVD but vitor_mfc is all right.
  10. If you get VVD, then go....that offer is too good to be true. I had an offer for VVD: Umtiti + Lenglet +de yong and i rejected. VVD at this moment is the best defender in the world
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