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  1. Hello guys, Yann Gboho + Matias Arezo for Diogo Dalot? Duo are mine. Thanks!
  2. Duo, bro even if Foden is a great talent. I would go for Foden just if i have players with great ratings to play in their place (Ronaldo and Aguero).
  3. Tough one, my instinct says Kessie but also Merino is not to be neglected and also I think Merino has bigger impact at Sociedad. IMO, Kessie (even if they neglected and didn't give him +1)
  4. Guys, between Diego Carlos and Clement Lenglet, which one would you choose? IMO, i'm for Diego Carlos. Thanks!
  5. Hello guys, Should i give Denis Zakaria for Teun Koopmeiners + Zaniolo/Locatelli/Mctominay? Thanks!
  6. Hello gus, What would you choose between D.Zakaria + C.Romero/W.Fofana/S.Botman and D.Upamecano? Thanks!
  7. Olmo I would say Alcantara but right now i'm not too sure with Liverpool's situation
  8. Hello guys, Roger Ibanez or Perr Schuurs. In my opinion i would choose Perr Schuurs. What is your opinion? Thanks!
  9. Can you make me a list with top: D(L) players at U21? Thanks!
  10. Guys, would you give Kouadio Kone for Pedro Goncalves? Pedro i know is very good and is compared with Bruno Fernandez but i don't know anything about Kone. Thanks!
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