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  1. Hey guys, can you help me with a review? Which players should I keep and which to sell out? Thanks a lot! ☺️
  2. Hey guys, would you give Andrade Richarlison + angel Correa for Serge Gnabry?
  3. Hey guys, should I give T. Partey +Bakayoko/M. Eggestein for Dele Alli?
  4. Hi guys! Would you give Rodri Hernandez for Donny van de beek and boubacar kamara? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, would you give Rashford for Firmino?
  6. Hey guys, I want your opinion regarding with a transfer. Would y give F. chiesa and P. foden for Jadon sancho?
  7. Hey guys, do you think it's a fair trade to give TTA + L. Torreira for J. Kimmich? Thanks!
  8. I would sell Werner. Gnabry is a starter at Bayern and a good player.
  9. Hi guys, T fabinho for Rodri hernandez and T. Partey? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, Rodrigo de Paul + Sebastian Rudy for Maxi Gomez? First 2 are mine. Thanks!
  11. Hi, Bentacur + Matip or Pogba? Thanks
  12. Yea, just one. The position doesn't matter. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I need you opinion with what is a best buy. I have to choose between this players: -L. Sane -D. Alli -S. Niguez -A. Isco -Firmino -P. Pogba -Asensio -Keitha -T. Ndombele -O. Dembele(I put him here because I am sure that he will grow +1 at the next review) Thanks!
  14. I don't think SM will give more than 95 to a player from Premier League even if Liverpool took CL. Maybe, in the near future if Premier League will dominated few seasons in CL and EL, then we will have players with ratings above 95.
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