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  1. The same guy is back and still doing the same thing... Cant you just ban his Ip from entering this website ?
  2. Hello. I have a game world that has been going on for 11 seasons without any problems. Its half empty which means there are plenty of clubs to take over. Now as a try to fill up the spots i opened gameworld to anyone but now we have this guy that has enetered game world and is using really profound language to say how he will cut throats of people in this game world. hes glorifing Hitler alike general from Serbia and is behaving really bad. I am owner but I cant do s*it about this nor can I report this behaviour anyewhere as support ticket is no longer an option... WHAT CAN I DO to ban someon
  3. Re: loan wages 50 - 50 Exactly my point... Its not about talent anymore its about squad size... A simple rule of 25 first team + 25 players of youth team should have stopped this. and for those of U who claim that there are only 25 players in the world worth placing money on in early stage get a life... We have "youth team" feature that has virtually no meaning. Loaning players out does not improve their skills, rating nor happiness . If anything they are anooyed by "beeing loaned out" It was all about money from the start and now its even more about money... I really do not like the dir
  4. "A player who is out on loan has their wages paid 50% by the parent club and 50% by the club the player is at." WHO MADE THIS RULE ??? this has no base in reality what SO EVER... after concerns another miss by DEV TEAM
  5. Re: Player concerns system This system is really lame. I have Handanovic (90) and Romero (88) as backup GK and Romero is unhappy. Now I have to sub him in every game and let him play every 3 games so he can also get 80% of gametime which is micromanaging at its worse Best rated player is 93 in that team and Romero is nr 17 in line of quality yet he demands Handanovic set aside and him between posts... argrgrg Sometimes I just get crazy over this game...
  6. Is tehre any benifits that player receive or manager if a certain player is chosen to be captain ? Like boost in morale ? Team better playing if U choose captain taht have better % of games won. Vidic is captain in ManU and Company in City. Lets say U have both of those players in ur team. If U chose Company Ur team wins 7/10 games for instance and with Vidic it wins 2/10. Does it have any real impact in game engine ? Youth team is really nothing but explanation of how many players U have in youth team as I see it. It does not have any practical maning when you switch players between teams o
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  8. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Yes, I belive that it was very important that you edited my post where i used another word for ANGRY instead of taking a serious look into my suggestion...
  9. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) No it does not matter...
  10. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  11. Re: Will you be buying/renewing Gold Membership (poll)
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