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    bihweb got a reaction from Maxpayne in Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)   
    Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
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    bihweb got a reaction from special_k in Will you be buying/renewing Gold Membership (poll)   
    Re: Will you be buying/renewing Gold Membership (poll)
    There are many ways to improve this game and we can all accept the fact that SM isn't perfect. However, 1 year of suggesting bug improvement in Concern system and many many cheaters made this game unplayable for me.
    I waited 1 year to see if anything will happen and we didnt even get A RESPOND from someone that will actually say, listen we know its a bug, it will take us 22 months to fix this issue. August 20th 2014 this will be fixed and we will suspend Concerns until we fix it...
    For those of you who asked I have 2,5 years left of my gold account and I brought down my nr of squads from 18 to 7 then to 4 and now am leaving...
    No point talking to the wall.
    I really feel that I lost my precious time and money in translating this website, buying membership and worlds to suport the game, and finally using many hours to make my squads the best there ever were...
    All that spolied with feeling that you are here just so that someone can make money on you based on half tought idea...
    No thanks !
    Enough is enough...
    I belive there are many other games like this and am sure that I will bring my friends with me. You should all do the same so that ppl joining this game in 2013 will have to compeete against their virtual players which they appritiate more then ppl that actually support them...
    There are no hard feelings. They just choosed a path that is not my path.
    Good luck SM. I had some fun, time to move on...
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    bihweb got a reaction from arampage in Player Concern system   
    New player concern system has been introduced in november 2011 and its real impact on game has been a controversy for some time. The main idea was to cut down teams with many star players by forcing them to sell players if they dont get enough playing time. In some ways this has been positive expirience but there are many bugs that could improve this feature.
    Topic opened by SM team has so far been viewed 100K times with over 2500 different oppinions on the subject which makes it most discussed topic about new features hence something that people that play this game are concerned about. So far the quest of making it a more realistic feature by improving those bugs, such as injured or unfit player still demands playing time or he goes unhappy, has failed to be addressed by SM development team.
    This poll is here to let us know what you think of it. If many do find time to answer it, it will be highly appritiated.
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    bihweb got a reaction from dancpoli in Sead Hajrovic - Arsenal's Defensive Destroyer   
    Re: Sead Hajrovic - Arsenal's Defensive Destroyer
    Hajrovic agreed to play for Bosnia
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    bihweb got a reaction from Bourkey in Players fitness, cards/ratings and penalties   
    I am not sure if this topic has been discussed before but after playing this game for over 3 years now I think that players fitness and cards are not as they should be.
    First of all the reality is that there are few but there are some players that didnt miss a single league game in entire season. I think that Patrice Evra is one of them last season for Man U. beside PL he also played CL and some cup games. This tells me that his fitness is top noch every game or Fergie woudnt use him that frequently. This also means that current setup, where players are in "not match fit" form if playin 3 consecutive games is kinda undermining fitness level. This also means that you have to have good bench but not as in real life to fill out the missing parts while in game but to use them when fitness of top players is below game playing capability. I think that they should restore their power sooner after few games played.
    Now about the cards. Getting a card significantly drops players game rating. He can score 5 goals in one game and his rating would still be max 8 if he received 1 yellow card. If he got a red card lets say for preventing the other team to gain draw in 89.th minute his rating is still 3-4-5... Thier ratings are punished way to hard. And while on ratings I really didnt find any real use of those ratings. It can give you an idea that player playing average 6 7 rating when the rest of the team is getting much higher ratings did bad or that you use him in wrong poistion but what if he is in right position and still receives bad ratings ?
    Lets say i have 20 players and decide to sell 8 with lowest rating after a season. Does this mean that remainng 12 are best team you can get out of those 20 or does this simple means that randomness of ratings and randomnes off game engine gives no meaning to this feature at all, if you know what am saying...
    And finaly I really miss penalties You can choose penalty shooter, actually you HAVE to chose him, but even I did read about 100 game reports never did I see a penalty given, just "no penalty" comment.
    thats my 2 cents...
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    bihweb got a reaction from pedro r. in Norway 2010   
    Writing this while Norway is in turn 19 out of 30. ( should have waited 11 more turns but hey isnt it nice to get some nice facts for a change)...
    Top 10 goalscorers (goals games average)
    1. Mohammed Abdellaoue (Moa) Vålerenga 15 19 0,79
    2. Steffen Iversen Rosenborg 11 19 0,58
    3. Petter Vaagan Moen Brann 8 17 0,47
    4. Baye Djiby Fall Molde 8 17 0,47
    5. Patrik Ingelsten Viking 8 19 0,42
    6. Anthony Ujah Lillestrøm 7 13 0,54
    7. Ole Martin Årst Start 7 14 0,50
    8. Marcus Pedersen Strømsgodset 7 16 0,44
    9. Tor Hogne Aarøy Aalesund 7 19 0,37
    10. Rade Prica Rosenborg 6 13 0,46
    Top 10 assists (assists games average)
    1. Péter Kovács ODD Grenland 8 19 0,42
    2. Karim Essediri Lillestrøm 7 18 0,39
    3. Bojan Zajic Vålerenga 6 10 0,60
    4. Christian Bolaños Start 6 17 0,35
    5. Harmeet Singh Vålerenga 6 19 0,32
    6. Erik Huseklepp Brann 6 19 0,32
    7. Veigar Páll Gunnarsson Stabæk 5 14 0,36
    8. Magne Hoset Molde 5 16 0,31
    9. Arild Sundgot Lillestrøm 5 18 0,28
    10. Mikael Lustig Rosenborg 5 19 0,26
    Man of the match
    1. Steffen Iversen Rosenborg 5 19 0,26
    2. Serigne Kara Tromsø 4 14 0,29
    3. Magne Hoset Molde 3 16 0,19
    4. Thomas Solvoll Hønefoss 3 16 0,19
    5. Espen Børufsen Start 3 16 0,19
    6. Eirik Vespestad Mæland Haugesund 3 16 0,19
    7. Miika Koppinen Tromsø 3 18 0,17
    8. Moa Vålerenga 3 19 0,17
    9. Espen Bugge Pettersen Sandefjord 3 18 0,17
    Most times in "best squad this turn"
    1. Mikael Dorsin Rosenborg 8 19 0,42
    2. Mikael Lustig Rosenborg 6 19 0,32
    3. Magne Hoset Molde 5 16 0,31
    4. Mohammed Fellah Vålerenga 5 19 0,31
    5. Moa Vålerenga 5 19 0,31
    6. Joakim Våge Nilsen Haugesund 4 17 0,24
    7. Nosa Emanuel Igiebor Lillestrøm 4 18 0,22
    8. Erik Huseklepp Brann 4 19 0,21
    9. André Danielsen Viking 4 19 0,21
    10. Jo Inge Berget Strømsgodset 3 13 0,23
    Best game ratings (totaly)
    1. Petter Vaagan Moen Brann 91 15 6,07
    2. Magne Hoset Molde 89 15 5,93
    3. Espen Bugge Pettersen Molde 105 18 5,83
    4. Jan Gunnar Solli Brann 69 12 5,75
    5. Erik Huseklepp Brann 103 18 5,72
    6. Eirik Bakke Brann 85 15 5,67
    7. Nosa Emanuel Igiebor Lillestrøm 102 18 5,67
    8. Miika Koppinen Tromsø 102 18 5,67
    9. Mikael Lustig Rosenborg 106 19 5,58
    10. Serigne Kara Tromsø 78 14 5,57
    Most points
    (here everything metters and U get + and - minus points according wheter U started a game, Ur team did or didnt win, U got Ur self booked or sent off, U scored a goal for or against Ur team and many more details)
    1. Mikael Lustig Rosenborg 106
    2. Espen Bugge Pettersen Molde 105
    3. Frode Kippe Lillestrøm 105
    4. Mikael Dorsin Rosenborg 104
    5. Anders R. Lindegaard Aalesund 104
    6. Steinar Pedersen Lillestrøm 104
    7. Erik Huseklepp Brann 103
    8. Nosa Emanuel Igiebor Lillestrøm 102
    9. Miika Koppinen Tromsø 102
    10. Espen Nystuen Sandefjord 102
    Media is always talking about some future stars and this years pleasent surprise is Markus Henriksen from Rosenborg. 19- 75 CM / DM and a definete + 6/7 rise
    15 games started 2 times subbed in.
    total of 1373 played so far ( 19 games totaly)
    So if U ask me here are my predictions for top 3 clubs for now...


    - ORLUND, Daniel GGk 30 85 (STAY or +1) Its not hard to be good keeper when defense is good
    - BRATHEN, Erik GGk 22 75 (+1)
    - DORSIN, Mikael LBLB 28 86 (+1)
    - LUSTIG, Mikael RBRB 23 86 (+1/2)
    - DEMIDOV, Vadim CB-DMCB/DM 23 86 (+1) On his way to Real Sociedad... Great CB mixed of bulgarian youngster and norwegian discipline...
    - STADSGAARD, Kris CBCB 25 85 (STAY or +1)
    - LAGO, Alejandro CBCB 31 85 (-2)
    - WANGBERG, Simen CBCB 19 75 (STAY)
    - TRAORÉ, Abdoul Razak LM-LBLM/LB 21 82 (-2)
    - HELLAND, Pål André LM-LBLM/LB 20 73 (-2)
    - STRAND, Roar RM-RBRM/RB 40 84 (-3) Only becouse of age actually a very good player for 60 minutes
    - WINSNES, Fredrik CMCM 34 85 (+1) despite age one of the brains behind rosenborgs first position and most consecutive games without losing record.
    - HENRIKSEN, Markus CM-DMCM/DM 18 75 (+6/7) This one will hit the big foreign market in record time buy while hot...
    - ANNAN, Anthony DM-CMDM/CM 24 86 (+1/2) Truly one of the defensive minds both in Rosenborg and in WC for Ghana. Should hit even 89 by my oppinion but knowing SM they will give him +2 max
    - SKJELBRED, Per Ciljan AM-WAM/Wing 23 86 (STAY) Good young player with a lot of potental but just not his year...
    - OLSEN, Trond W-FWing/Fwd 26 84 (-1) Overrated could go even -2. Mostly sub.
    - IVERSEN, Steffen F-AMFwd/AM 33 87 (+1) Old but good, top scorer...
    - MOLDSKRED, Morten F-WFwd/Wing 30 85 (-1)
    - ZAHORA, Dario FFwd 28 82 (-2)
    - PRICA, Rade CFCF 30 86 (STAY)


    - SAHLMAN, Marcus GGk 25 80 (+2)
    - YNDESTAD, Hans Åge LB-LMLB/LM 30 83 (+1)
    - LARSEN, Kevin LB-LMLB/LM 24 82 (-3)
    - HOGLI, Tom RB-CBRB/CB 26 85 (STAY)
    - NORBYE, Hans RB-RMRB/RM 23 76 (-1)
    - KOPPINEN, Miika CB-DMCB/DM 32 84 (+1)
    - BJORCK, Fredrik CBCB 30 83 (+1)
    - NORTH, Jade CB-RBCB/RB 28 83 (-2)
    - KNARVIK, Tommy CM-AMCM/AM 30 83 (STAY)
    - REGINIUSSEN, Mads CM-RMCM/RM 22 76 (+4)
    - JOHANSEN, Remi CMCM 19 75 (+5)
    - HAUGEN, Helge DM-CBDM/CB 28 83 (STAY or +1)
    - KARA MBODJI, Serigne DM-CMDM/CM 20 78 (+5/6)
    - DRAGE, Thomas AM-WAM/Wing 18 75 (+3)
    - YTTERGARD JENSSEN, Ruben W-AMWing/AM 22 84 (+1)
    - AHAMED JAMA, Mohammed FFwd 24 76 (+4)
    - RUSHFELDT, Sigurd CFCF 37 85 (STAY or -1) scored 6 goals but aging...
    - MOURAD, George CFCF 27 80 (+2)
    - TABOGA, Dominique CB-RBCB/RB 27 82 (STAY or -1)


    - HIRSCHFELD, Lars GGk 31 82 (+1)
    - LARSEN, Frode GGk 22 77 (-1)
    - FUENMAYOR, Juan LB-CBLB/CB 30 83 (-3)
    - DOS SANTOS, Freddy RB-RMRB/RM 33 82 (STAY)
    - NOURI, Amin RBRB 20 82 (-1)
    - MURI, André CBCB 29 84 (+1/2)
    - MADSEN, Birger CBCB 28 81 (STAY) Should actually rise becouse of the performaces but has not played many games...
    - NORDVIK, Andreas CB-LBCB/LB 23 80 (+1)
    - STRANDBERG, Stefan CB-DMCB/DM 20 75 (+4)
    - BRIX, Kristian LM-LBLM/LB 20 76 (+1)
    - HAESTAD, Kristofer CM-DMCM/DM 26 85 (STAY or +1)
    - ZAJIC, Bojan CM-AMCM/AM 28 84 (STAY)
    - SINGH, Harmeet CMCM 19 83 (+1)
    - FELLAH, Mohammed AM-WAM/Wing 21 80 (+3)
    - STRAND, Lars Iver W-AMWing/AM 27 84 (-3)
    - BERRE, Morten W-FWing/Fwd 34 83 (STAY)
    - LEIGH, Dawda W-FWing/Fwd 24 82 (-1)
    - ABDELLAOUE, Mohammed F-WFwd/Wing 24 85 (+2)
    - ABDELLAOUE, Mostafa F-AMFwd/AM 21 77 (+4)
    - HAIDAR, Adnan FFwd 20 75 (STAY)
    - SAETERNES, Bengt CFCF 35 84 (-1)
    - SHELTON, Luton CFCF 24 82 (+1)
    Hope you like it and just a reminder this is MY PERSONAL opinion and not some expert advice but if you follow stats as I did according to the age, current rating, games played, games subbed, goals scored or goals not conceded, the official match rankings after every game and many more small details then you wont be very far off my predictions.
    Feel free to correct me if am wrong or to ask about any player in norwegian league
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    bihweb got a reaction from Vorxstiengort in A few Bosnians promo candidates   
    Let me list some bosnian players that are underdogs in this game :
    Vedad Ibisevic - currently topscorer of bundesliga playing for 1899 Hoffenheim (third with one more game to play tomorrow )
    7 BL games - 7 goals 4 assists ( Ribbery, Toni, Klose and many more Germany based players are not even near that score )
    3 jumpins in Bosnia WC qualifiers 1 goal 1 assist
    Sejad Salihovic ( great free kick specialist with power that is compared to Brehme ) also 1899 Hoffenheim
    7 BL games - 3 goals 6 assists
    2 WC qualifiers 1 assist
    also great defender
    Zvjezdan Misimovic - WOLFSBURG
    2 UEFa cup games 1 assist ( and more to come )
    4 WC qualifers 4 goals 5 assists and many many more assists that could have lead to goals 2 MOM out of 4
    7 BL games 1 goal 6 assists
    Edin Dzeko - Wolfsburg
    5 BL games 1 goal 3 assist
    1 UEFA cup game
    4 WC qualifers 4 goals 2 assists
    Those players are the main reason that Bosnia is sharing second place with Germany in most scoring team of all teams of all europian qualifers and that is a performace that should be noticed. For your information England is the best scoring 14 goals in 4 matches followed by Bosnia and Germany with 12 goals each.
    One other player that is for certain a rising star is Miralem Pjanic of Lyon.
    Hope Sm team noticed my addition to this beautifull game
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    bihweb got a reaction from Jack14 in Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 (2010 edition available now)   
    Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009
    Nasri ? the guy that was injured the most of the last season ? I really like Nasri's style but my friend Dzeko was nr 2. top goalscorer in Bundesliga last season, was voted for player of the year by the other bundelsliga players and is sharing second place for top goalscorer in WC2010 Qualifiers. Hes also currently ranked as second top goalscorer in Bundesliga and hes assisting big time...
    What more do you have to achive to get some recognition by other then Wolfsburg fans ? Maybe the fact that Wolfsburg didnt accept M24€ from AC Milan this summer for the very player we are discussing.
    The same goes for Misimovic. This guy is playmaker of worldclass and you might feel sorry that he was raised by Bayern and wasn't found good enough. most assists in BL last year and this year as well. Most assists in WCQ, Hes scoring too and I doubt that there has been a goal that hasn't gone trough his feet...
    Ibisevic already broke 3 Bundesliga records this year. He's coming back big time just wait and see...
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    bihweb got a reaction from MCFC James in A few Bosnians promo candidates   
    Re: A few Bosnians promo candidates
    His problem is that bosnian coach has worked his *** off to get standard 11 players so that any child can recognize them, probably making the team stronger. You have to be really good to get trough to play offensive at national level for Bosnian team becouse they are so many good players...
    If you ask me, his injury made it difficult so we might never know. He will get one or 2 more chances I am sure but if he deosnt score a hat trick I think hes over...
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    bihweb got a reaction from Ahmed in Zlatan Ibrahimović   
    Re: Zlatan Ibrahimović
    The fact is Ibrahimovic is best payed striker in the world and theres a reason to that
    He is much older now ( in his head ) then in Ajax time. He was a WILD horse back then but some horsewhisperers have tamed him to be very proffesional player. His Balkan heritage, hence the temperament, will always be the same.
    I already mentioned something about Ronaldo in the other thread. If Ronaldo is not performing very well it means he has 2 ppl and sometimes even 1 extra guard on him which makes space for his teammates.
    The same goes for Ibrahimovic. If hes on the pitch the opposite team has 2 options. Leave 1 man on him and allow Ibra to shine or put 2 men on him and basicaly start with one red card shown in first minute, meaning having one less player avalible becouse he is tied to watch him.
    Many of you counters only count their scores but this is where their greatness is really shown.
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    bihweb got a reaction from realx7madrid in Carles PUYOL   
    Re: Carles PUYOL
    With all do respect to Ferdinand Carvalho Bosingwa and Vidic - Puyol is the best CB in the world. He has proven that both in club and in international level. There is no attacker in the world that can pass Puyol 1 on 1. Take that from Real Madrid fan. Sergio Ramos is performing like 2 classes below Puyol.
    Vidic is the only player that could take his title but only if he plays this good for at least 2 more seasons.
    Thats my oppinion.
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    bihweb reacted to bhfanaticos in A few Bosnians promo candidates   
    Re: A few Bosnians promo candidates
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