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  1. Hello, in my world we have such a problem, that there is cheating manager, which is transferring money from different clubs to his one team. Strategy is simple. Takes control of other team using fake account, bid a player for maximum value (player for 10 mln is bet for 22mln) and after the transfer is completed resigning from that team, and repeat this action using another account on another team. He is smart as he is not doing it from the same IP address, but taking team for a one day to over pay player from particular team and resign is not normal action. What is funnier he admitted that he is cheating in our messaging conversation. Is there any actions we can take? Brgrds, Grzegorz
  2. Unfortunately it looks like that with this release you have killed fun of playing with releasing new players value. Many of the friends have started playing together from lower leagues, and have been competing for long time trying to build good team. With new player prizes you just created really big team value difference. I will provide sample: Same sm world, all teams starting in the same lower division, before the release we had: Team A value: ~120 Team B value: ~115 Team C value: ~120 Team D value: ~125 Team E value: ~130 After new release: Team A value: ~128 Team B value: ~120 Team C value: ~120 Team D value: ~160 Team E value: ~ 200 For now players are balanced, but much higher value will allow teams to buy much better players and it was nothing more than luck. Same problem with player wages. I am not sure if you are aware but in lower divisions people are trying to balance it to have balance equal 0. Now after the release I see I have wages increased by 20% which is another unfair problem In my opinion you should not use new prices and wages in already started SM worlds, as it just killed the fun of playing it. Another example. In my SM world on guy just bought Martial from ManU paying 6M, while his current value is 24M. The big was accepted hours before the release ... Another unfair action. Generally speaking it is quite sad you kill such a fun.
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