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  1. After 6 years taking all kind of crappy changes to the game it is now time to leave after the unilateral implementation of this new unplayable interface. Good bye !
  2. Last day of SM for most people...
  3. Joao Loureiro

    Have player concerns been changed?

    This new system kills all the fun in the game for those who spent years building an impressive squad! Instead of destroying the game you should address real problems like leagues with just a couple of active players. Stop killing the game and just reverse this changes. Put a decent limit on the squad size and it will be enough !
  4. Joao Loureiro

    Have player concerns been changed?

    Wouldn't it be easier to put a rational limit of, let's say, 60 to 70 players on any team than implementing a bad system that does not work ? If a manager wins enough competitions, buys rising stars that jump from 75 to 90+ in a few seasons, why should he be punished for succeeding in this game ? You'r just killing the fun...
  5. Joao Loureiro

    Have player concerns been changed?

    By these rules, if you have two 90 players in any one position, one of them will eventually develop concerns because it's impossible for both to play at least 65% of the matches as 65+65=130%. If you have any 94+ player he will definitely develop concerns as it is IMPOSSIBLE to play 80% of the games due to fitness loss. Same goes for players rated 92+. More, if your 89 rated players expect up to 40% of the matches and they are substitutes for your 94+ rated players, they will obviously develop concerns as 40+80=120% !! For anyone able to do basic math this will lead you to have only a team with under 89 rated players for substitutes and a main team composed by 89 and 90 rated players to avoid concerns. If any of your players goes from 90 to 92 or 94, you have to sell it immediately to avoid it developing concerns and losing value. Anyway, your top 5 players (don't know how you pick it from a team with some 6 or 7 players with the same rate) will eventually develop concerns. All major teams are composed by 21 to 26 89+ rated players. All those teams will eventually have to deal with concerns. Can you tell me how on hell is this solving the problem of teams having a 150+ player squad ? Is the real life Real Madrid/Barcelona/etc squad a player hogging squad with lots of unhappy players ? Each change made to this game gets it one step closer to having no players at all. New interface, new prizes/player values, new concern system, the list keeps growing. Good job.
  6. Joao Loureiro

    Have player concerns been changed?

    Out of 26 players, 20 have recently developed concerns.How is this possible ?
  7. Joao Loureiro

    Player concerns

    Today one of my players just developed a level 5 concern, right after automatically renewing his contract.
  8. Joao Loureiro

    Player Concerns

    Hi, Can anyone tell what is happening with player concerns ? They are not being updated but they are still affecting player value. Will it be fixed anytime soon ? Will they disappear ?
  9. Joao Loureiro

    Club Messages are not beeing marked as read.

    it happens both on the new and the old layout
  10. There is a very annoying new bug that started maybe a couple of days ago. I've seen some people complaining about it but no answer has been given yet. In all game worlds, the red circle with the number of new club messages does not disappear even after you read and even delete all of them.
  11. same thing here. they are doing a good effort to kick people out of this game.
  12. Joao Loureiro

    New Improvements

    Bring back the old layout !
  13. Joao Loureiro

    Not happy with new changes

    The new layout is the worst thing. Please bring back the old one !