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  1. Thanks for your response. I am the owner of the game world. When i go to "ADMIN" the option "SETTINGS" is empty
  2. How can i change the "Advanced Rules" in my custom game world? Today start the 2nd season but i have not the option to change anything
  3. It doesn't make the difference manual or automatic. I manage 4 teams, sometime in 3 teams i don't have a problem and suddenly in 4th team i get the message to load data pack
  4. Every time i login i have the same message "You may need to load a new Data Pack." although i have -Automatically load the default Data Pack-. I load it and after 2-3 hours again the same message. Τhe players do not have names but numbers
  5. 3 days in row.The site is very very slow. I can't see the results, i can't see players profile, i can't make a bid. Basically, i can't do anything. Every 5-10 seconds the same message "Sorry an unexpected error has occurred. Please try again". It's very annoying
  6. Where are the results of Wednesday? After 12 hours still in progress
  7. On mozilla(pc), in "tactics", the line between first 11 and substitute have disappeared, also the possibility to select defensive-attacking for players does not work. And last but not least in "language" the flag of Greece is wrong, the cross is white and the canton is blue
  8. When i try to sign a "new contract" with a player (with 1 season in his contract)), i get this message : This player has recently signed a contract
  9. In Mozilla, on tactics screen the + (attacking-defensive) does not work In "player search" menu, when you search for a player with specific criteria (GK / 87-90 / 21-25), and open players menu, the search menu (position-rating-value-age) reset to "Any" The "transfer-loan-concern lists" only have 1 page each, without the searching option
  10. All your complains is about AM(CLR), and if they can or can't play in M(CLR) spot. But what about real M and DM's?? Cazorla for example don't deserve a DM? Dzagoev the same(DM). Luiz Gustavo still has D(CL) (this season has never play in that spot) Kampl play in Leverkusen and as DM. The same Max Arnold in Wolfsburg Moussa Dempele in Spurs. He play in DM and AM® position also Bonaventura he can play all the left winger spot M-AM-F(L) in Milan Less recognised players also have rights How in hell is possible Sergi Roberto and Jonathan Schmid to play as CB in 352 just because they have D® ????
  11. In new UI at the "PLAYER DATABASE - NEW PLAYERS" i have only 20 players In old UI are 235 Only me have this problem?
  12. Player database. Today's new soccer players (259) - OLD VERSION Player database. New players (22) - NEW VERSION Where are the rest of new players in the new version of the game??? ---------------- Transfer - loan lists only 50 players in 1 single page, when OLD version have 4 and 5 pages --------------- Can't open pop-up player menu from club messages
  13. Must change our tactics,our formations, than soccerwiki change all players position to match to our formation. This game should be based on reality, on real football, and not what suit us. The hard way is to squeeze our brains to find the suitable formation
  14. Still some problems..... Transfer - loan lists have only 1 page with 50 players each. No 2nd and 3rd page In our shortlist we cant see if a player has a tranfer ban, except if open every player menu individually, which is very tiring On firefox still can't change skins And the problem that terrytibbs already mention with club messages and will be pretty useful if we can open a new tab to view others club information
  15. there are a easier way i think. in starting11 and subs, next to the number (far left) is a black button (like down arrow). if you press, you have all the available players. without need to scroll the whole screen
  16. every day in case to seeing the "new players" that added to gw had to update database (download data). now i have only 25 "new players" in PLAYER DATABASE
  17. On mozilla it doesn't work the first-young-loan option in "squad". only full team the option to update player database is not available anymore? the transfer list has only 50 players in one page? no 2nd and 3rd page from the lower divisions how many teams promoted? is still a play-off games? in transfer list you must click on each player to see if he have a "transfer banned"
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