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  1. Just a question. Whats the biggest bank balance you have had for any club?
  2. walker will rise to 91 next review would be my pick out of them
  3. why do you believe that Insigne will rise? I've always been a fan of his but actually find his final ball/finishing fairly average. I thought he would cap out at 90 and was proved wrong, but why 92?
  4. do sm mods read this forum? could one of them come out and justify hazards rating? any logic behind it even if I didnt agree would give me peace of mind as at least I would know they cared. I agree with vardys rating 90 is fair after his amazing season they cant boost players up too fast as we know how hesitant they are to bring them back down..a lot of the strikers mentioned as 91 are past their peak and are on there way down there is just sm lag between their ability and rating at the moment
  5. This Chelsea review is actually sickening...its just unbelievable, theres no point mentioning stats ect because anyone who knows anything about the pl knows that they have been awful. My grandma would know to give hazard at least a -1 and she's dead.....
  6. few days late but disappointed with only a +1 for Areola......thought ghezzal should have got 87..... and no rise for Coco?
  7. and I see this post was from 2014 Im an idiot...
  8. If you go on the old sm layout then the top green box above my clubs is add club....then search for the game world ID for gold championship 6 which is 2229
  9. Insigne or Salah? I'm seeing Insigne with a 65% chance to rise but someone offered me Salah for him
  10. Sometimes when I sell players they only get a 2 week transfer ban, once it happened to all the players I sold on a certain day. I'm pretty sure transfers between 2 external clubs is 2 week TB, but normally player to anywhere is the normal 3 month one. Is this just a glitch or am I unaware of some transfer market mechanics?
  11. psv look decent against atletico tonight. I expected them to struggle this season after they lost a few players in the summer but they seem to have been unaffected! any dead cert risers there?
  12. A cool update for custom gws that i would love to see in the future would be the abilty to to do your own rating reviews you could make it a paid add on and I believe people who are passionate about their custom gws and sometimes get frustrated with the slow rating reviews would pay for it I wish custom gws had more flexibility in general, sometimes people insist on taking their favorite teams in my gw and as me and my friends are pretty extreme on our commitment to the game it would be cool if i could edit stadium sizes or cash piles before handing over the team (atm no non managed teams can compete financially so new players often quit really quickly)
  13. whats your opinion on the 2 young feyenoord defenders Kongolo and Van Beek
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