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  1. bare in mind that some aspects of the game are reality based, so squad capping is not an option really. say for example the squad was capped at 50, this wouldn't be applicable to the big teams. Teams like Chelsea, Juventus, Barcalona, Real Madrid and AC Milan in reality have over 50 players out on loan. Remember when a team is unmanaged the club will search for it's players and sign them. what would really help player hogging is the amount of players of a particular rating you are allowed to have. that is the real issue. because buying youth players is completely fair; when manager starting to
  2. while the new improvements have been great for the most part, somethings remained the same. The re-evaluation of player was long over due. However, the prize money for winning the league, domestic cup and the gold is too small. Expensive players and small prize money does not make any sense. that's one aspect of the game that need revising.
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