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  1. one of the worse things about the update is how hard it is to pick a team!!


    for example, i have a big squad and its so hard to drag a player from the reserves to the starting 11. Where as in the old update the drop down menu was helpful. now NOTHING!! i am forced to scroll while i have clicked on the player from the reserves to the starting line up, which is frustrating and not easy to do. 


    Just PERMANENTLY have the option to use both old and new interface or else i will be leaving all my clubs on soccer manager because of this new interface.



  2. the new interface is so bad. For example, a user has to do more keystrokes in order to choose an option. Which is not convenient and frustrating. Like before the league table was on the home page of the club which was simple and easy. Now i have no idea where it is, not even on the club section.

    I have been playing soccer manager since 2009, and this new update is complicated, not user friendly and frustrating to use.  


    Can you just permanently have the option to switch between the old and the new interface???


    That would suit all the users.



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