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  1. Soccermanager has been superb and was there at the early days when gold worlds were released every 4 months or so. It's changed a few times and have got used to it each time. People moaned but they got used to it. But sorry to say I've never seen anger and people leave before like this. I agree with Mister Malcolms comments above. We know you have to make money from it, and totally understand. But you have to listen to your loyal and long standing managers.

    For me, the best way to describe the new interface is.... You feel like your playing a single player game., feel isolated. The old one, you felt like you were in a community of other people who love SM. I really hope you listen to what people are saying, cause I have seen a lot of people quitting gameworlds all over.

    If you can offer people the old interface for a week or so from the 7th December, I, sure you could do it permanently. Or take it to a vote...

    This was the best soccermanager online game by miles, don't ruin it.

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