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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread It would, yep. But just because you haven't made one up doesn't suddenly mean you definitely have a great reason that you don't want to tell anyone.
  2. Re: Official Manchester City Thread You can see why it would make people doubt why you support them though? Even if it's a matter of principle, It would probably save you a fair bit of time and hassle if you just shed a bit of light on your secretive reasons.
  3. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Nearest premiership team to where I live. I doubt many people would refuse to say why they support a club, not exactly a secretive thing. Nobody wants an essay, just any little reason you have to support them.
  4. Re: Official Manchester City Thread You don't really help yourself. Even making something up would be simpler.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Why is everyone so negative about Benayoun? Seems like a pretty good signing to me. Will be interesting to see if it's a permanent transfer or a loan.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Chamakhs start to last season: 21 games 16 starts and 10 goals. Shame it all went wrong after that.
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Surely if it's direct quotes from Modric being interviewed it's a pretty good source?
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Just quit Inter in GC39 and Valencia in GC54. Really recommend keeping an eye out for them, despite being inactive for months now they have quality squads. Lots of low level concerns though I expect. Just got Man City in GC40 and Grimsby in GC41 now. Should just quit those as well as I haven't done tactics for ages but just keeping them in case I somehow get back into it ...
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Would definitely help!
  11. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Could just be charging higher because they would rather keep him. Definitely don't need to sell.
  12. Re: Football Manager 2011 Got a new youngster thats just starting to improve with game time. Hoping he can develop into a class winger 17 technique as well, but thats not shown in the link. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=25p1gev&s=7 4th in the league at the moment after 32 games. Really suffering from fixture congestion and even had to send Iriarte on 2 weeks holiday to recover from tiredness. Won the league cup (first trophy since I took over) and lost in the F.A cup sixth round to league leaders Arsenal. Was during a particularly hard period of games though. More recently, just pla
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