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  1. And the point of this is? Why don't you spend time fixing the issues that have caused so many people to quit the game rather than on unwanted features the make the player experience worse?
  2. I see dead people.....this game is dead, buried, Disaster
  3. Well, it appears this is the last day for the vast majority of players I know. After all the negative feedback concerning the new interface - SM still failed to listen. I have no idea how a commercial company can make sure a poor decision - both in terms of customer satisfaction and financial revenues Perhaps I will start a Kickstarter campaign to buy the old interface
  4. Really? You removed the old interface ? Are you guys crazy or do you really want to kill off the game? What will the bankers say when your revenues vanish? Your player base decreases? And your company goes bust? Sort it out!
  5. How do I get back to the old interface - the new one is a shambles and unplayable
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