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  1. There are some very odd things happening at the moment. I bought Kylian Mbappe about 3 weeks ago, a young player of promise rated 75. I then receive a notice he will retire at the end of the season (??) post which I, like you, receive notice of multiple (invisible) messages across all my teams that I can't find or see. Then I notice that Mbappe has disappeared from my various squads and has been replaced by Aboubacar Sylla, a 32 year old has been / never was who happens to also be rated 75 and is the same value / price as Mbappe. Also, if you search the name Mbappe, up pops Sylla. I find this really irritating!
  2. Makes sense to me albeit I'd cap the maximum squad size (including youth) at between 40 and 50 in order to discourage hoarding and make the talent pool more widely available.
  3. The contract situation reflects real life. I've never seen a player agree to reduce his wages for a loss of form / ability. The exception is where they receive a contract extension in return e.g. a 33 year old with a one year left on his present contract switches it to a two year deal. In contrast, if a player improves, then they inevitably seek a pay rise (or their club offers them one to ward off the interest of others). Current real life example would be Ozil.
  4. Damien1990, what is the League ID? I'm looking to launch a new team so could join.
  5. I doubt that that particular change will be. I'm in the same position plus horrified at a new wage bill that is up 30% with no commensurate increase in income. Just have to rethink tactics and begin changing my teams. Interestingly it also makes players with odd profiles (Cuadrado, Can) much more interesting given their versatility. Looking on the bright side, at least we went back to the old interface. The new one was awful. I can't quite believe this was all thoroughly tested beforehand given the number of errors and unforeseen consequences. I almost feel sorry for teams with Messi in them - wages 350k plus Barcelona now often don't have the cash to buy him back at a cool 91m lol.
  6. Re. the Young / Fellaini debate, yes there real life managers play them in the full back / centre forward positions but they are clearly not as good in those positions as they are in their primary role. I therefore agree with Sir Rahul and Kop Star that these "secondary" positions should be rated lower than their primary roles.
  7. Player positions are clearly marked on the "Who Scored" web site which would be a true guide in my opinion. Taking Isco and James Rodriguez as examples both are described as attacking midfielders notwithstanding that each has played at least one game (recorded on the same site) in a CM or LM role. If Soccer World is going to reflect this greater flexibility in a player (both M LCR,& AM LCR) then the engine behind it would have to have the ability to change a player's attributes according to the position deployed. So if Isco is played as a M C in a 3-5-2 formation, the manager / team don't get the advantage of his AM C skills as he's being played further back). I doubt the engine can't do this marking the player as only a AM LCR (their "normal" position") seems the best approach to avoid unfair advantage. If it means teams or formations having to be rejigged as a result then so be it. Inconvenient, but not crippling albeit we now have a problem with 4-4-2 tactics as an example due to the dearth of quality M LRs
  8. I agree with the above. Specifically. Wages. I spend years building teams then in one sweep of the brush wages are upped by 50% with no corresponding revisions to the income side of the equation. As a result bankruptcy looms for even some of the biggest unmanaged clubs in the various divisions my teams play. Player Values. Are indeed more realistic but now Managers / Clubs simply don't have the cash available to (a) bridge the yawning gulf when they would like to upgrade a position; and ( even unmanaged clubs can't buy back their own players when available for transfer. Stadium Capacity. Each of my teams has had its stadium capacity increased. In each case the increase was of either no (a few hundred Sheff Wed) or little (1,200 Torquay) consequence irrespective of the good performance of each in Division 1 of its respective league. When these three issues are added to difficulties folk now face navigating through the various screens to get the info they want and we have a game that is worse than its earlier version which takes some doing particularly when it was supposed to have been thoroughly tested. Sadly, like others posters on here before me, I do wonder whether it remains worth the effort.
  9. The new wage structure is a complete joke. Like you say I can no longer afford my squad notwithstanding the extra 800 (eight hundred) capacity added to my stadium. Add on the fact that player transfer fees have shot up and most managers will never be able to afford to buy even a 90 rated young player. This has not been thought through at all and ruins the game.
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