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  1. What do you think about Hysaj? Can he rise in this review? What is the best rating he could get to in the long term? It seems like he will leave Napoli, do you have any idea where he might go?
  2. How would you compare Tolisso, Bernardo Silva, and Goretzka?
  3. Costa, Aubameyang or Reus.. who would you pick? Thanks
  4. Should I give Diego Costa for Eriksen and Stones? Also, I could swap Fabregas and Christensen for Ozil. What do you think?
  5. In one of my gameworlds a player (Leno) requested a transfer due to lack of games. A number of managed teams bid the maximum amount, while an unmanaged team (Leverkusen) made a bid of the minimum amount. The transfer window was closed. A few bids were rejected, many were accepted including that of Leverkusen. The next day Leno completed the move to Leverkusen, despite them having bid the lowest amount and the transfer window being closed. So it's clear there is some sort of bug there, I couldn't find anywhere else to report it.
  6. I just received this offer, let me know what you think. Matic, Origi and 30 million for Fabregas. Quite an interesting one as Fab will likely drop to 93, equal with Matic. But still I feel like he's the better player and has played well when given the chance this season.
  7. Can David Luiz rise any higher than 92? or is that his peak?
  8. Because the ratings aren't just based on the most recent season! I would have thought that was obvious. By Tupac Healys logic Mahrez and Vardy should be 95.. why should Aguero be higher?
  9. Yes, he shouldn't be rated the same as Kane either. I agree with others who've said Vardy and Mahrez should be rated the same, whether that's 90 or 91. But as I said before Kane should be 92, hard to understand why he isn't.
  10. Vardy has only had one great season at the highest level, if he keeps it up I'm sure he'll continue to rise, so 90 is fine for him atm. I think Kane should be 92 by now though, he's had 2 great seasons and has established himself as one of the best strikers in the League. Lukaku has done well for a couple of seasons now, but not as well as Kane so 91 is about right for him.
  11. What do people think about Chiellini's rating over the next few seasons? Will he hold onto a 94? How does he compare to Bonucci in terms of his performances? Thanks
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