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  1. Refer to image attached please. What happened to the data packs? i loaded one by mistake which was not created by SM (the usual 5 star rated one) Can i get a link to the latest one or a solution? thanks
  2. Hi, I want to change some settings to my gameworld which is into its 7th season Would it be possible to change some settings?, I have in mind to change the activity limit from 30 Days to an option lower Thanks lads
  3. When is the MLS review? any idea lads should be soon?
  4. Check out CSKA SOFIA'S forward Fernando Karanga - rate 80 age 26 Been scoring a sh*tload of goals each season in and out. Deserves an 83-85
  5. Looking for very active managers, leave a comment on this post and/or send me a message in-game telling me you are from the forums, Currently there is 1 position available, but im sure there will be more in the next couple of days - stay tuned Revolt
  6. He's worth more than that, 200m tops. He's not a magician for nothing
  7. Lol dream on, coutinho is ours and he'll stay that way
  8. When are they going to review Japan?
  9. I see you support Toronto, what do you think of Morrow? got an 82 in march, likely to stay that huh? cheers guys ....And Endoh? He's pretty fast with ball but he doesn't start much pitty
  10. 5 teams Available. Swansea, Corinthians, Al Ahli, Psv and Borussia Monchengladbach! ID 242701
  11. What do you think of Dallas's goalie Jesse Gonzalez, will he eventually get a better rate in the near future? He starts regularly with dallas
  12. Applied for New England Revolution, thank you
  13. Great news!! It usually takes 3 days I think to get ready, i mean it from experience
  14. Sounds great to me, New England Revolution for me please
  15. Guangzhou Evergrande available. A very good young team in the game, previous manager did an amazing job. Can you keep up with the task? FIND OUT AT ID 242701
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