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  1. Hello, I'm playing for most time a 3-4-3. Against no manager teams, all ways a big win. But if a play against the leader, every game a lose. I have changed tactics to more defence, not even that wins. I have an average of 92. His team has a better average. He wins the league every time, sometimes without a lose or 1 time with no points lose. What can i do against such a team?
  2. They don't forget us The stats off players are changing. So, they are there. But, i think, SM world is a little bit ok for them. The new layout was the last thing they have changed no? I think, there is a lot of money in the SM18... But i hope, if they read all the messages, it will be changing next year?
  3. I have for the moment 472mil And my team was second in the league
  4. I understand what you are saying. I will give you an example of the opposite: In my leagea, the last 7 winners are: 6x fiorentina, 1x Napoli. The last 2 seasons Fiorentina has never lossed a single game!! max 2x draws. The better team, yes, but its playing like: ok, the same team will win. Do you want that? 1 team that allways wins becose they have the good players?
  5. It's a good suggestion. You must be able to buy young players of big teams, future stars like Asensio or Jesus. I think, if you want it very realistic, it will be very difficult for managing a team in 4 division, without buying great players... For making a better team, what do you need: Better players. In a lower club, you havn't normally not enough money to buy a lot. So, you must make a strategie: Buy young for the future. I'm buying almoust players >23. I take's time, but after a few years i have a great team. average 90. One suggestion: If you play in division 3 for ex.
  6. My first love, my first team! Allready 698 games played, and every day i'm so excited to see them playing and winning lots of games. I have made history: Winning the first 3 seasons every division: 4-3-2, so in the 4th season i was playing with the big boys. Only 1 time i was regelated, but 2 seasons after, also with winning the division I was back... And how! Last season, for the first time in my career I won the 1ste division. It was a close game against Barca! For this season, i'm in fight with PSG (new in the division) With only 2 games, it will be difficult to win. What's m
  7. All ready 5 years i'm playing SM. A lot off chanses are good for game play. But everything can better.... So, why do you buy 2 good keepers if you know that 1 play everything. No red cards given... Normaly, in real game's, tackeling the last man is allways a red one... You can improve also winning time. Yellow cards for a keeper is never given. I have a lot off players with injuries, but never a keeper? Changed that too, because, every one can be injured. I hope for later update's it will be done.
  8. Straing question. I know. I will try to explain it. It's for the first time that i see that if there are not enough managers, the world will be closed. I can understand the reason off course, but if you take a team for building it up with talented young players for the future, you need several years to climb up. That's the reason why i like the game. So, if the season started or after 50% of the competition, with not enough managers, why isn't there a link where other managers can see with competition wil be closed? Why want i this? The answerd is simpel. 4 teams means that there are a
  9. Hello I'm Maarten form Belguim. 33 years old or young Playing the game is like real football. Every day looking my teams for buying/selling/tacticts. Even when I'm working I'm thinking how i can play the next game. Why I'm a now on the forum? For looking other great managers and learning more about tactics is 1 thing. Also for helping the developpers for finding new ways for the game is the 2 thing. The last one is: looking for manangers who can play in gameworlds with me and stay i long time. So, if you have any questions, post them here and i give you an answord. Ow
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