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  1. Hello, I'm playing for most time a 3-4-3. Against no manager teams, all ways a big win. But if a play against the leader, every game a lose. I have changed tactics to more defence, not even that wins. I have an average of 92. His team has a better average. He wins the league every time, sometimes without a lose or 1 time with no points lose. What can i do against such a team?
  2. They don't forget us The stats off players are changing. So, they are there. But, i think, SM world is a little bit ok for them. The new layout was the last thing they have changed no? I think, there is a lot of money in the SM18... But i hope, if they read all the messages, it will be changing next year?
  3. I have for the moment 472mil And my team was second in the league
  4. I understand what you are saying. I will give you an example of the opposite: In my leagea, the last 7 winners are: 6x fiorentina, 1x Napoli. The last 2 seasons Fiorentina has never lossed a single game!! max 2x draws. The better team, yes, but its playing like: ok, the same team will win. Do you want that? 1 team that allways wins becose they have the good players?
  5. It's a good suggestion. You must be able to buy young players of big teams, future stars like Asensio or Jesus. I think, if you want it very realistic, it will be very difficult for managing a team in 4 division, without buying great players... For making a better team, what do you need: Better players. In a lower club, you havn't normally not enough money to buy a lot. So, you must make a strategie: Buy young for the future. I'm buying almoust players >23. I take's time, but after a few years i have a great team. average 90. One suggestion: If you play in division 3 for ex.: only buy players of division 2 or 4. Can also be a good system. second suggestion: You go down a division, a top player asked for leaving.
  6. My first love, my first team! Allready 698 games played, and every day i'm so excited to see them playing and winning lots of games. I have made history: Winning the first 3 seasons every division: 4-3-2, so in the 4th season i was playing with the big boys. Only 1 time i was regelated, but 2 seasons after, also with winning the division I was back... And how! Last season, for the first time in my career I won the 1ste division. It was a close game against Barca! For this season, i'm in fight with PSG (new in the division) With only 2 games, it will be difficult to win. What's my gameplan? Easy: For years i'm looking talents, I buy not expensif. The ratings aren't higher than 91, but every season i win a price. An other good thing in this gameworld, for the moment there are 7 other managers, i hope they will stay, but I'm allways looking for more managers who wants to try to win every price Like me: beginning low, tracking young players and becoming the new star manager in the league!!
  7. All ready 5 years i'm playing SM. A lot off chanses are good for game play. But everything can better.... So, why do you buy 2 good keepers if you know that 1 play everything. No red cards given... Normaly, in real game's, tackeling the last man is allways a red one... You can improve also winning time. Yellow cards for a keeper is never given. I have a lot off players with injuries, but never a keeper? Changed that too, because, every one can be injured. I hope for later update's it will be done.
  8. Straing question. I know. I will try to explain it. It's for the first time that i see that if there are not enough managers, the world will be closed. I can understand the reason off course, but if you take a team for building it up with talented young players for the future, you need several years to climb up. That's the reason why i like the game. So, if the season started or after 50% of the competition, with not enough managers, why isn't there a link where other managers can see with competition wil be closed? Why want i this? The answerd is simpel. 4 teams means that there are a lot of great clubs to manage if you want directly a great team. In the new layout i havn't found this. What do you think? Is this a good thing to add? If you take a team for long time, its difficult to know off other managers will stay, so their must someting exist like this. I hope that its clear what i want to say
  9. Hello I'm Maarten form Belguim. 33 years old or young Playing the game is like real football. Every day looking my teams for buying/selling/tacticts. Even when I'm working I'm thinking how i can play the next game. Why I'm a now on the forum? For looking other great managers and learning more about tactics is 1 thing. Also for helping the developpers for finding new ways for the game is the 2 thing. The last one is: looking for manangers who can play in gameworlds with me and stay i long time. So, if you have any questions, post them here and i give you an answord. Ow, yes, 1 thing: writing english can be painfull to read... Sorry for that.
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