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  1. Not as much as we need a CB or a RB or even a CM, and Mata is an amazing player.
  2. Linked with Bacca, not sure if I'd want him or not, a new striker isn't really our main priority if you ask me.
  3. First time they change it in the six/seven years I've been on here, and its for the worse...
  4. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Congratulations to West Ham, on qualifying for the Europa.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's hilarious but people are taking this way too far, we got smashed off of MK Dons, it didn't mean no one would ever want to sign for us at the end of the day it's just one game
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread WE WAN'T 10! Sending Gerrard away by allowing him to feature in the first game on MOTD
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread 2 out of every United fan on the planet
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Guys, calm down, you're just sending Gerrard off with a comeback greater than 2005! JESUS CHRIST ITS 5
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Congratulations on Liverpool for fielding the worst possible starting XI they could, Jesus Christ hahaha
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Jackson Martinez has had a great season by all means, but do you really want to go buy another 'good' striker, Arsenal really need a world class striker again, yeah it's going to cost a lot more than £17M but Jackson Martinez isn't going to set the premier league a light is he? Cavani, Benzema, Higuain all would be better signings and wouldn't be too unrealistic of a target.
  11. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Swiftly moving on from the topic of the male genitalia. "Mats Hummels performed a U-turn over a possible move to Manchester United because they took too long to firm up their interest." - Daily Mirror Seems like an odd reason.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Starting half of their games, chances are he appears in 70% or more of them, I don't know the statistics however. But he's often used as a sub if he's not on the pitch.
  13. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Unless De Gea was to become the most expensive keeper, I'd keep him for sure, I can't see him having an issue with waiting one more season if he know's he'll get to go there eventually, he's clearly happy at the club, and is good friends with a lot of the players, Real Madrid is just an offer that is too good to turn down to most players let alone a Spaniard, I'm sure he'd be willing to wait as long as it was still going to go ahead, plus in a seasons time (even though he would start ahead of Casillas) Casillas will most likely be gone/worse/retiring/something which will assure De Gea he will be the #1.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Would be interesting to see if Rafa could revitalize Liverpool, I think no matter who's in charge it will take a few years before you become a persistent top four threat again, but I'd welcome the day it happens, I say this a lot, but I miss the days of United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea top fours, not because City are our local rivals (as Liverpool will still always be our biggest rivalry) but the Premier League was more exciting to watch (In my opinion) when that were the top four.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If you's can get Pedro, that would be a quality signing, such a good player, incredibly two footed as well, however I reckon if he has the option to go to a top four team, he'll probably take that logically, would love to see him in the Premier League regardless of destination, if I'm honest.
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