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  1. Re: help with annoying cheaters Bid on players due for a drop and laugh your **** off when he outbids you
  2. Re: Marek Hamsik to 91- collection of signatures My name added (this has nothing to do with the fact I've just signed him for my Portsmouth team btw )
  3. Re: Best time to bid for a player OK thanks all. So in summary, the advantage is definately with the player who bids second imo. He'll have a pretty good idea you'll be bidding the minimum so he can just wait 15 hours or so before bidding a little bit more and hoping you don't get back online before the deal goes through. I suppose you could bid a little bit more in the first place to stop this happening but you don't want to be bidding too much more as the whole point is to pick up players as cheaply as possible, plus the other guy might not even end up bidding anyway.
  4. Re: Best time to bid for a player OK ,so say I bid for a player of an unmanaged club on Monday at 6pm. Manager X outbids me on Tuesday at 5pm, 1 hour before my offer is due to be accepted. Have I then got a further 24 hours to put in another bid (ie until Wednesday 5pm) or will his bid be accepted when my bid was due to be accepted (Tuesday 6pm)? If it's the former then this could go on forever, with one manager constantly outbidding the other, but if it's the latter the advantage is definately with the manager who waits for the other guy to bid first then nips in at the last minute and bids
  5. What's the best time of day to bid on a player to make sure you don't alert other managers who have him on their shortlist? I recently lost out on a player this way - another manager outbid me and the deal was accepted before I had a chance to put in another bid. Is there a set time all deals go through?
  6. Re: Sorting squad by rating etc. As if by magic it's fixed! Thanks for all the replies.
  7. I used to be able to sort my squads by rating, age, value etc. but can no longer do so. Has anyone any idea why this might be? Thanks in advance.
  8. Re: English Premier League ratings I've not read this entire thread so not sure if the point has already been made, but do those who disagree with Torres rising really believe he should be rated below Rooney? Torres>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rooney (imo)
  9. Re: Italian Ratings Many thanks
  10. Re: Italian Ratings Hi guys, been a manager for a few months but this is my first post. Would appreciate your views on the following players and what's likely to happen to them in the next ratings changes. Ronaldinho Camoranesi Seedorf Ambrosini Zambrotta Trezeguet Pizarro Salihamidzic Vargas Rivas (Inter) Sorry it's quite a large list. I also have Pato, Chiellini and Balotelli but from reading this thread it looks like they're all probably in for a rise. It's the ones who may be in for a drop I'm more worried about so I can ship them out before the ratings changes come round. Th
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