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  1. especially for new managers? i can find people who sell almost everyone on their club to buy either of them , its not realistic and that screws the whole game ! and then they leave the club because obviously they are not going to win only with 1 or 2 players should it be a lot harder to sign them? i think so Ur opinion?
  2. this team has messi , ozil ,nani , vidic, puyol , chielini and .... it plays 3 5 2 ( i know , how ridicules that might sound in real world) he uses messi as a midfilder in 3 5 2 in other hand my strongest players are matri , osvaldo , nocerino , gago , gaitan , javi garcia ,jovetic my defence is **** galeano , airton , toprak , alba , angel i also have piatti , texeira, andraze , abel hernandez and some youth -85
  3. he played in that position is recent games
  4. i dont know if you have noticed by now SM changes the winning formations from time to time , its ok but they have to get real , i dont know any team who plays with 3 5 2 and are succesful , this is absoulutly not acceptable!
  5. who to buy for 4 3 3 winger? which one will get more ranking push?
  6. and he keep raising the offer , the player is caprari and is from as roma my team is as roma but an unmanaged club is keep offering i twitt them about this i want them to take care of this problem is this ****
  7. ricardo alvarez- rating 85 2010/2011 Vélez Sarsfield PR / 1386min/ 29ap / 13line up / 16sub out/ 3sub in /21 bench sub /4 goal/5 yellow card 2010/2011 Ezequiel Calvente Criado- rating 82 1085m /29ap/10line up/19sub out/11sub in/27bench sub/1 goal/5 yellow judging by the quality of spain division 2 vs Argentina - Primera División this rating is just bias and bit too funny
  8. how effective are those ? and would you agree with me if they need to add an option that we could use two of those? p.s : for example sometimes you want ur right back/left back to go forward and help ur midfilders (something like dani alves at barcelona)
  9. yje section that use to show new upcoming leagues dissapeared for me
  10. any player worth investing there? p.s limited budget
  11. Re: AM/WING, in what formation they play well? christian eriksen
  12. it has to be either cm/am or wing/am is cm/wing:eek:
  13. i tried 4 2 3 1 failure 3 4 2 1 -failure 4 4 1 1 failure where do they play dammit:eek:
  14. when you get 2 of ur best players 1 red carded 1 league game before an important cup game , in real football you can look into bright side as they be fit for cup game but in sm they arent available it has to change
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