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  1. At that price I decided not to renew to be honest. It's to high and doesn't represent good value for money IMO
  2. Just curious of other people's experience with the game engine of SM. I currently have a team that regularly creates more than double the attempts on target than my opponents with around 52% + possessions with a 94 avg rated team losing or more often drawing with lower rates teams. I find it odd for example, my last game I had 11 attempts on goal against a team that had 1 shot on target and drew 1-1. Before that it was my 11 attempts to 5 and I drew 3-3. I am conceding a mixture of goals so not seeing problems in a specific area. Tactically I must be doing something right as I contro
  3. This may have been discussed before but I wanted to hear peoples views regarding player concerns. My problem with the system is because (these figures are not accurate but for the purpose of putting accorss my point) I had my best player who played 7 out of 11 games develop a level 1 concern due to lack of games He then played 11 out of the next 11 games but still developed a level 2 concern due to lack of games This is because, i believe he played 18 out of 22 games overall which was still short of the 90% required. This is not intuitive though, if a player is unhappy at not play
  4. Looking at Stevens original and subsequent posts my game world is probably not working as it should. Man City have a squad over 500mil, first team is typically 93 rated with the likes of neymar, messi and Reid up front. Their average squad rating is 83 though due to padding a squad of 37 players. They have about 12x 90+ players another 10x 80-89 players and some low rated young players. This is one of 3 clubs to receive cash injections in my game world Liverpool and Arsenal being the others. Steven mentioned average squad rating as being one factor so by looking at Man City one way to man
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