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  1. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: NO translation without compensation
  2. Re: Abuse of offering clubs out to cancel transfers Come on, this is SM, they said in March this would be addressed soon, have some patience! Too busy trying to make a quick buck than deal with genuine concerns of paying customers, and whilst I understand that as a business they need to make money, they don't seem to realize that people who are long standing players will leave the game because of their couldn't care less attitude. My GM has 41 days left and I have no intention of renewing and over the last few weeks have quit over half my teams in preparation.Without a solid base they will
  3. Re: Please, stop maintenance during daylight hours Perhaps if you give SM your phone number they could check if it's ok to do their maintenance. You get my vote for the most selfish and thoughtless post of the year.
  4. Re: Cup results are always late I am past caring, just waiting for my gold membership to expire then it's bye bye SM.
  5. Re: Gold Championship Club Slot SM must not introduce this idea unless they get serious about the cheating that goes on in gold championships. As things stand there are certain players who create multiple accounts and control the transfer system by abuse of the offer club to friends feature, using it to deliberately collapse deals with unmanaged clubs.Now if these people are willing to pay to create false accounts, I can see them creating even more free accounts which will eventually produce a free GC slot. There is another thread which highlights this abuse and we were told, by a dev, in
  6. Re: New Improvements Have the same problem,in fact on firefox the game is unplayable, I sent a bug report to which I received a reply that they were aware of the problem and working on it, but no improvement 2 days later. On Internet explorer the game is playable but there are still issues. One club is at the end of season and I want to recall players from loan, this I can do for a few players and then the site stops working. Anybody else having the same problems, is there anything I can do or is it wait for SM?
  7. Re: Abuse of offering clubs out to cancel transfers Have to agree with Rico, he did not mention any names. However there is clear cheating taking place and as he says the person involved uses the game feed against managers who draw attention to this. I wonder if SM in any way concerned, the lack of any action taken encourages this behaviour. Maybe SM are aware of this persons activities and don't wish to lose his numerous accounts?
  8. Re: Abuse of offering clubs out to cancel transfers Not good enough, if SM refuse to act then they will lose accounts . The clear cheating in GC74 (and other game worlds) goes on and on and the perpetrator laughs at SM! I don't want to shoot the messenger but your definition of 'soon' and mine are rather different
  9. Re: Abuse of offering clubs out to cancel transfers I made a fairly detailed account of the above managers dealings on the linked account section, however I got the SM standard reply that there is no evidence of the accounts being linked, immediately, there wasn't time for the message to have been read by anyone, yet there it was, the SM cover-up. SM give the impression that they are not concerned and promises of action being taken "soon" just are not good enough, the manager we are referring to has been getting away with blatant cheating for years.
  10. Re: Tonights matches The problem now is that the ones who played on Friday did not receive any fitness update on Saturday i.e their fitness levels are the same as if they played on Saturday. I have important games on both Monday and Tuesday but the level of fitness is wrong. I have reported it as a bug, will they do anything??
  11. Re: Tonights matches That only applies in standard gameworlds, in GC's fitness is an issue. I doubt if I will be able to log-in before kick off time to adjust my teams, 5 affected, that is if they even bother to sort it out in the first place
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