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  1. You can scout them by watching videos of youth performances. By no minutes, they meant no first team minutes
  2. I think it is that way. Ronaldo, Marco Reus, Bale, those proven free kick takers always score more often than others. thats what the ratings are for, I think they use the same ratings as in SM 16 with the exception of those that are updated and has effect in game engine. Anyway, I don't know this for sure, be glad if someone confirmed it
  3. I don't think u21 conpetitions would be interesting. They're interesting in real life because you see players getting better and gauge their progress but here even if they do well in the competition, their rating only changes based on real life perfomance
  4. I think players should be more resilient. They're getting too exhausted after every match. I enjoy rotating my team and admire the strategic necessity for a larger squad so I am not looking for a big improvement, just a small one. For eg. If I have a cup tie coming up, it'll be sandwiched by two league games which constitutes a normal week in real life. In real life a fit, non injury prone player can often play all games and most often a manager will just sub him off in 1 or 2 of the 3 games to play safe and that constitutes perfect handling where the player is about 100 percent by the next
  5. I imagine the problem is that there are some managers who are to spread out over too many gameworlds with a shortage on time so sometimes they may forget that they declared a player unavailable for transfer and later it has drawbacks
  6. I am not an adult yet and my parents don't like me spending money on games so I am not a gold manager. I understand there should be some way for the game to make more money but I feel there's just too many disadvantages. I can't select my team or formation, maybe that's the only reason or maybe the game engine makes it harder too because I am never winning despite most often fielding the better team and that's fine if all that effects is the SMFA competitions but my players tire ( and I had no control over which players that would be) moreover it's generally the best player and its makes it ha
  7. How would you recommend to make the game more interesting in old game worlds where one team dominates?
  8. And if you say teams like man Utd and Chelsea are struggling to cope with salary then that's better too. In reality they don't have unlimited wages to play. The game simulates your teams popularity based on results and hence incomes from merchandise, gate receipts etc so there is a provision for successful clubs being able to pay greater salary but if you're so far ahead that you're buying almost all the good players and ending up with salaries of 5M or so then it's better that you can't afford it. It's realistic because while a successful team gets more fans it doesn't go past a number becau
  9. A lot of people complaining about stronger teams winning easily but I don't think that's too bad. It is a strategy based game, if you have the initial advantage and the better tactics you should win. And by using right tactics you can beat stronger teams, I ve done it recently. If I'm playing against unmanaged weaker teams I ll win for sure unless I have injuries or something because they can't set tactics. If that's what your complaining about it can't be helped because if weaker teams do set tactics it'll be unfair when they're effective against one manager but bad against another. More ove
  10. Haha Costa won't help you much, Neuer much more useful. Anyway, the offer is poor even monetarily.
  11. I'd prefer James. When fit I think he'll get game time at Madrid but Gotze just can't seem to break into Bayern so he's not as good a bet for rating increase I think.
  12. I think Benteke is better but his rating won't increase if he can't show it on the pitch and that's not likely while Liverpool play the way they are( play style I mean) because it suits Sturridge more and leaves Benteke short on first team chance. Doubt Liverpool would choose 2 striker formation unless there are injuries
  13. Deulofeu is better I think. Redmonds not bad though
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