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  1. tellofrosh


    when someone bid for your player and you have not accept/reject it i think it takes up to 1 week for it to automatically reject and when you bid for a player and the manager have accept it, it will take 24hrs for the deal to be complete
  2. tellofrosh

    Reus or griezmann or gotze

    start griezmann he is better than other
  3. tellofrosh

    david de gea

    he deserve to have a increase in rating he is a world class keeper
  4. tellofrosh

    old user interface

    please guys have anyone of you experience this before on the old user interface when someone login soccermanger it just join every thing together and only tactics is doing well the rest are not showing please if you have experience it please comment. smfa please help us we that are using old user interface
  5. tellofrosh

    Stupid player concerns

    this player concern isabsolutly bull
  6. tellofrosh

    youth league

    ok thats good
  7. tellofrosh

    david de gea

    i think david de gea need a change of rating he suppose to be at 94 or 95 in rating what did you think guy
  8. tellofrosh

    old user interface

    yeah old user interface is better than new user interface
  9. tellofrosh

    old user interface

    please soccermanager old user interface is doing bad right now it just display every thing in single column(mobile view) and there is no way to log in please friends have you experience this
  10. tellofrosh

    youth league

    you created it or the smfa
  11. tellofrosh

    Here's a suggestion

    what pain me most is that champions league....someone can't be able to select their prefer choice only gold membership smfa please
  12. tellofrosh

    player best eleven

    Please smfa you should organize every turn player best eleven and season best eleven i think it is useful. Since this game is based on real life football. What did you think friend?
  13. tellofrosh

    youth league

    please help us tell soccermanager we really need it
  14. tellofrosh

    youth league

    if you go to some online manager game like striker manager their is a league for youth team....smfa please we really need it
  15. tellofrosh

    smfa competition

    when someone have no control over is formation then what is the benefit of participating