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  1. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread well, one may want to list players according to their hobbies.. of course it could be seen as an over-kill but the thinking was more along the lines of enabling the code was there if required in the future. as for now then one extra tab should suffice, yet the 'youth' feature is rather redundant. i'd much prefer the ability to list due to 'for sale', 'loan listed', and 'second squad' etc.
  2. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread my post was regarding the general idea rather than specific detail. yet, your point is entirely acceptable and accurate - all players should be added to a 'general' tab (regardless of it being called 'reserves', second squad' etc) and then it becomes the managers duty to transfer them to their preferred list. in fact, an additional tab should be added in which all new players are listed. furthermore, managers should have the ability to create as many new tabs as desired in which to house their squad as they see fit.
  3. Suggested Improvments.. suggested improvements and features suggested minor improvements and features to ensure Soccer Manager is more efficient and/or enjoyable are as follows. squad and tactics screens 1| to ensure the team and squad selection process is made easier, thus efficient, managers should have the ability to assign colours to players. these colours can then be used by the manager to differentiate players compared to other squad members. for instance, players deemed automatic selection or first team can be assigned a certain colour which reflects their standing within the sq
  4. i hope this is interesting and fun for some of you..
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