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  1. with the yet further deletion of concerns regarding paying clients being subject to advertising, i end my account with soccer manager forever. i am disgusted with their lack of response, respect and judgement. such a 'company' is unworthy and undeserving of time nor money. i bid all others farewell and to have fun, always.. dai smout
  2. Re: the deletion of the 'match advertising' thread.. as a gold member, when i sign in there is a counter displayed showing the amount of days left on my account until i have to pay again. i always felt this 'feature' rather threatening and served as a warning to myself. when, actually, it is now the other way around..
  3. Re: the deletion of the 'match advertising' thread.. i request yourself, and all readers, remember this thread because if (perhaps when may be more apparent) it gets deleted for no reason then i will have no other option to quit this game and never (ever) return. the treatment of paying customers, us, is just beyond belief..
  4. the deletion of the 'match advertising' thread.. it has come to my attention that the thread(s) discussing the recent addition of advertising prior to viewing a match have been removed/deleted. one would have imagined that customers, especially paying clients, would be respected and entitled to a response from the company (as opposed to not only being ignored but actually having their valid complaints and concerns deleted.) this post is written politely, does not infringe upon the terms and conditions of the forum or game, and is respectful. dai smout
  5. Re: FOTY13 Play-Off Play-Off even though he does his best to derail this thing every year, losing against such a poor poster will be a bloody disaster. whilst others aren't capable and lack variation, his posts are so full of insight. he may be whiny but he's right, and still the best poster on here. and that's the basic truth..
  6. Re: Southern European ICON (The ICON Games) at this rate, even sean has an opportunity of qualifying..
  7. Re: The ICON Games - World News iconeurope|south beatthebest entering our third season, just two qualifying places remain in the Southern Europe sector. will you be one to achieve a space and book your place in the ICON World Cup? our sector has several positions available - due to one being unable to grasp the concept of kicking a ball in the right direction, another simply not strong enough to handle the pace, someone else actually being called up for national service (?!) and the last bloke suffering death by unbongo.. anyway, for worthy managers only, we seek those looking to prove t
  8. dais genesis | awards | season six dais genesis awards | season six well pick my nose and scratch my bum.. dais genesis has celebrated its first anniversary - of course, being blokes, we all forgot about it. still, it's such a remarkable achievement one thinks, especially as it is now more feature packed, immersive and stronger than ever. yet, not that adding stuff, inventing new angles, or giving it a polish has meant its 'value' has become greater than it originally was. simply, dais genesis was created with communication as its sole basis. provide the means and the game wor
  9. Re: Southern European ICON (The ICON Games) iconeurope|south seasontwoend with season two complete, a second manager has now qualified for the ICON World Cup. as you will be aware, the table does not show the true final standings of the teams. there were many instances of naughty players being fielded this season and, thus, adjustments are made to reflect such. this resulted in some managers/teams being deducted ten points, whilst others being awarded three (one team got +4, me!) yet, not that this altered the final outcome and, following an excellent season, les parry of olympiacos eas
  10. Re: Can we bring newspaper back? i am of the opinion that SM has always been lacking, seriously, in newspaper and media features. whilst i appreciate i do perhaps find such of greater enjoyment than others might, i completely believe it makes sound financial sense too as members become far more interactive and attached to their teams, worlds and (thus) the game as a whole. one suggestion may be to do what i did in this situation, create a custom world specifically for those whom enjoy the media aspects, are interactive and believe in a high level of communication. this is achieved via med
  11. Re: Southern European ICON (The ICON Games) iconeurope|south seasontwoupdate howdies. firstly, my apologies for the lack of recent contact. during the previous three weeks i had (not one but five..) RL issues to contend with. bonkers family.. anyway, with season two nearing its end, the second qualifying team of our sector will soon be announced. although, unfortunately, the current table may not be all that it seems as there were several instances of managed teams using illegible players this season. thus, due to this, the penalty adjustments need to be calculated before the current
  12. Re: Suggestion for improvement: Stop trying to make this a social media site.
  13. Re: 'Friend Suggestions' friends suggestion| i'll develop them game suggestion| you develop them
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