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  1. should i swop ???? I could swop david WHEATER 21 88 CB/RB and Alejandro ALEXIS SANCHEZ 20 88 WING/FWD for Diego GODÍN 22 90 CB who plays for Villarreal the manager of the other team has a small squad and want to boost his squad size. The thing is im not sure if im getting the best end of the deal i know GODÍN is highly rated but so are the two player he wants in return wot should i do thanks in advince
  3. Re: Half Ton Son! there comes a time in your life when you have to say im full ......MATE YOU ARE FULL!!!!!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... DEAL OR NO DEAL??? Should i swop Alejandro ALEXIS SANCHEZ 88 w/f 20 and david WHEATER 88 cb/rb for Diego GODÍN 90 cb 22 ? I know SANCHEZ and WHEATER are top young talents but GODIN is 90 rated at 22 and playing for one of the best teams in spain the other manager involved is keen to do the deal as his squad is very small and two 88 rated players for a 90 rated one works for him but im not as sure i dont need SANCHEZ and GODÍN would replace WHEATER so is it a good deal thanks for your help
  5. Re: Hector MORENO Dam you beat me to it was going to do a thread myself. Good thread though mate and top player IMO should go a least 87 next change maybe 88:D
  6. Re: under rated hes not a bad player but i dont think hes at gerrards standard by a long way should maybe make 87/88 next time but no more.
  7. I have the chance to swop alexis alejandro sanchez 19 fwd/wing 88 rated (Udinese) for gervinho 21 fwd/wing 88 rated (le mans) .On paper it seems like a like for like deal but who presents the best chance of making 90 or more in the future? Im leaning towards gervinho as he has been linked with a move to the gunners etc but sanchez has so much hype surounding him ie. "the next ronaldo" im realy unsure .....stick or twist what do you guys think:confused: thanks by the way
  8. Milton BENITEZ is a 22 year old Paraguayan midfielder who plays for olimpia in the Paraguayan primera division .He has made a total of 10 starts and 4 sub appearances for mid table olimpia .Hes rated 74 on the DB i thinik he could well make low 80s next change as the majority of olimpia starters are 80-85 may be worth a punt as he will only cost you around 175k
  9. Saidi ntibazonkiza is a 21 year old burundian forward who plays for NEC in hollands Eredivisie. So far this season he has played 7 games for NEC starting 6 times and scoring 2 goals, he has also played 7 times for the Burundian national team . Hes currently rated 76 onthe DB but i think if he continues to start for NEC he will surely rise to 80+. The average NEC starter is around 84 a good little money maker maybe ? What do you lot think
  10. Re: Help re. Marcelo.. for me its a bad move to swop i realy dont rate marcelo he may well go to 90 this week but hes far from world class ....real leek goals and hes part of the problem.
  11. ive just swoped David PIZARRO 92 rated for 90 INLER, Gökhan as i had a feeling pizarro is going to drop a point or two next change (hes only played two games for roma) where as inler im hoping will maybe get a rise of a point and is a lot younger too plus has played every game for udinese .....but have i got it wrong ???
  12. just wondering what you guys think the odds of senna getting a rise this change ? for me hes had a great season last season and has started this season where he left off but at 93 im not sure he will change ...
  13. BIANCHI, Bruno is a 19 year old Argentinian CB who plays for Universidad San Martin who are top of there league in peru . Hes started all 20 league games this season and is rated 77 as the other CBs in the san martin squad are around 80 to 85 and given the fact the team is top of the league i think he should go up to 81/82 next change . You can buy him now for around 1 mil at the moment so is well worth a look
  14. Re: Cristiano Lucarelli Sell him mate hes past his sell buy date! bring in Patrick Helmes from Bayer Leverkusen hes got 8 goals in 8 games this season and is a sure risser next change and should be in your price range and only 24 saying that there are plent of good CFs around.lucarelli will drop to 89 i think good luck !
  15. Re: Sell N'gog and Manucho? If it was me then i would sell i dont see them setting the world alight any time soon there are plenty of great young players who are going to be big this season . Im not saying that they are no good, just dont see them getting a chance any time soon.
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    Re: the new boy thanks mate im sure i will
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    the new boy

    hello fokes im murph ive been playing sm a while now so i thought id join the forum at last! Im a big chelsea fan for my sins but have had no luck finding a chelsea team so ive made do with derby (they had the best squad i could find) but im doing ok with them so happy days. Ive got two other team aswell love the game but seem to spend most of my spare time scouting and doing deals its taking over my life!
  18. Re: Finally... thank god ive been in such a mess! been waiting for some help for the last 6 months .....oh wait a minute no i havent im doing fine without you .......
  19. Re: Good promising F scheduled for rise...
  20. Re: Good promising F scheduled for rise...
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