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  1. Re: W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D. shortlist/sign up I would like to be added to the srort list if you dont mind.
  2. Re: £8,000,000 plus Javier HERNANDEZ for FALCAO I personally think Falcao is one of the best forwards in eruope he is just not as high profile in England as Hernandez. He (Hernandez) will rise to 88 next change but if Rooney and Berbatov are fit they will start so his playing time may well become limited. It may well take longer for Hernandez to hit 90+ than people think and playing for united does not mean he will automatically hit 90+ in a few changes time he will need to play and play well. I too have Falcao in a good amount of my setups and in one he is 4/5th choice fwd and I thought about cashing in on him but then I realised it would come back to bit me on the ***. Mancherter united fans are all think they have a new super star on there hands ( and he may well be one) but I think they are little premature hes played less than half a season in europe we will have a much better idea of how good he could be this time next season. Its far to soon to compare him to players of Falcaos standard. Falcao is world class now where as Hernandez may be world class in a few years time but then again he may not its a gamble IMO I would not do that deal.
  3. Re: JAVADOV got +3 today is he retiring at 21? Sorry mate I dont understand Ive just bought him a month ago or so ago. So I have lost my money then or will I be compensated for the transfer fee I have payed for him? Its SM mistake not mine when I did a search for Vaqif Javadov on the net he came up as a real player with loads of info on soccerways and wiki etc and as he seemed to be a good young talent I snaped him up. There was no way I could have known he was a clone! so SM SORT IT OUT YOU 300K well hes rated 78 now so lets call it 800k shell we. Thanks for the info though Allan-NI Thanks for nothing SM :mad:
  4. Re: Bangor city - £12 million to spend! Hes not a world beater mate. Hes onlly started 5 league games out 27 he will rise but only by +1/2 and russias just been reviewed so it will be a long wait. There are much better players around but its up to you keep if you want mate.
  5. Re: Pato deal (am I cheater) Im not saying its a bad deal just nesta on his way out. Dzeko is on par with Pato and the Bundesliga is a stronger league than Serie A IMO and if you need a CB for the short term Nesta fits the bill. I would have got a chunk of cash and got a younger CB who will rise in the years to come like Vermaelen, Song or Thiago Silva but thats just my opinion if the deal works for you thats all that matters.
  6. Re: Stankovic and Westermann Yes I think I would Westermann is mr viristile and should be safe at 91 for a good few years yet as long as he stays injury free and in the NT hes having a good season so far. Stankovic is a great player but time is not on his side and hes not getting as much game time with Philippe Coutinho playing more and more under Benítez who likes to play younger players it seems a drop may be on the cards IMO. hope that helps mate :)
  7. murph1


    Re: injuries Yes players can get injured and no the computer does not take the injured player off and swap him for a fit one. Your pre-set subs will be come as you have set them to though. hope that helps
  8. Re: Danny for Lennon? if your getting Lennon then yes if your getting Danny no. sm have down graded russia so it will be hard for danny to hit the 91 he should be IMO. Lennon may not rise yet but he is a lot younger and in a stronger league so if he stays fit and Tottenham Hotspur do well in champions league and the league theres every chance he could be 91 by the end of the season. Lennon is the best option by far mate. Hope that helps
  9. Re: corluka or johnson!? IVANOVIC ,SRNA or VAN DER WIEL would be just as good if not better options and I dare say a bit cheaper IMO.
  10. Re: Pato deal (am I cheater) Its not that good a deal really Pato is a very good player as is Dzeko but I would go for cash plus Dzeko or a lower rated younger CB (if you need one ) Nestas is coming to the end of hes fantastic career and the only way is down from here on. (ratings wise) Hes a good short term option but SM dont like older players. You are not a cheat mate
  11. Re: Bangor city - £12 million to spend! Try to buy HERNANES, Anderson 90 CM/DM , FERNANDO, Francisco 90 DM/CM , SONG, Alexandre 90 CB/DM , DE JONG, Nigel 91 DM/CM , KOMPANY, Vincent 90 CB/DM , MARTÍNEZ, Javi 90 CM/DM , KHEDIRA, Sami 90 CM/DM or MIKEL, John Obi 91 CM/DM any one of these would be a great buy for your team IMO .
  12. Re: Bangor city - £12 million to spend! This will free up more cash to bolster you defence and get a good DM.
  13. Re: Bangor city - £12 million to spend! Also try to get RUIZ, Víctor 21 rated 83 CB will rise to 87 he plays for Espanyol you look a little thin on CB cover.
  14. Re: Bangor city - £12 million to spend! Hi mate try to get MAICON, Pereira Roque 22 rated 85 (should rise 87/88) CB and VARELA, Silvestre rated 87 (should rise to 89) wing/fwd 25 both at porto and both great risers they would add some depth to you defence and attack. great squad though.
  15. Hi as the title says I have JAVADOV, Vaqif 21 CF he plays for FC Twente he got a +3 from 75 to 78 but it now says hes retiring on his profile on the game. I tryed to find out why hes retiring in real life and I cant find any info at all. Is he hanging his boots up at the ripe old age of 21 or is this a mistake? Can anyone shed any light on this matter PLEASE:confused:
  16. Henrik MKHITARYAN( am/wing aged 21 rated 85) has been mentioned before but there is no thread on him other than the ones about him getting a good rise two changes back. The ukrainain ratings have just been done so Henrik will not rise soon but IMO when he rises again he will hit 87/88. During the season 2010-11 Mkhitaryan was bought for $7.5 million euros by the champions Shakhtar Donetsk. That is a large chunk of cash to pay but then again he was one of the best young players of the 09/10 season. He is looking like becoming a starter for Shakhtar and he has hit 2 goals from 3 starts in the league and is now starting in the the champions league too playing in the 3 - 0 win over Braga. If he continues to play well and stays in the starting XI he will be sure to rise at least +2 next change. His record is very good for his old club Metalurh Donetsk scoring a goal every 3 games from midfield and the step up does not seem to have phased him at all. Keep an eye out for him when Shakhtar Donetsk play Arsenal or check out youtube for vidios of Mkhitaryan hes a real talent I think and a good riser.
  17. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Hi guys could anyone back up my theory the despite Bremen playing poorly Sebastian Prödl and Wesley should rise +1/2 on game time alone?
  18. Re: Joseph Ato Bissah|Ghanian Talent Great thread mate good info too. I for one will keep a eye on Bissah he looks a great prospect.
  19. Re: FARIAS, Eduardo I would say he will rise around +6/+7 to 81/82 hes played alot of minutes and started 22 games and scored 2 goals. He looks to be a good money maker.
  20. Re: Elia and/or Kacar for Hamburger SV... Elia IMO hes a good player if you need a winger.He has caps for the NT and if he and his club continue to do well he could see 90 next change.
  21. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis WHAT A JOKE SM HAVE LOST THE PLOT IMO.
  22. Re: Need a cheap striker - urgent! - Why don't you PM all the managers in your set up and ask if anyone can loan you a CF and save your money. The cost of a player will vary for set up to set up but 85/86 is the best you will probably get if you buy. Try a loan mate you my get a much better player you could just put loads of loan bids in for loads of forwards see what happens.
  23. Re: Young rising Keeper ? DZHANAEV, Soslan hes is a good bet first choice at Spartak Moskva and 23. Hes rated 87 now but will rise more.
  24. Re: Marin vs Pjanic EDEN HAZARD is better than both of them IMO
  25. Re: Big striker change? I would sell him and buy Higuian hes in with a good chance of a rise to 94 and is 6 odd years younger than Milito.If you cant get Higuian get Ibrahimovic hes a safe 96.
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