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  1. Re: Carlao, portuguese league sensation Great report Ive had Carlao in many of my teams for a while hes in top form right now. As you said if he keeps this form a big move will come soon and a big rise too. reped
  2. Re: Should i do this deal Do the deal costa's a long way off being a top player he is good but hes not realy even a starter for Gremio yet only 6 starts and 10 game as a sub will mabe rise +2/3 at best. Long term he my well become a star but only time will tell. Pjanić on the other hand is playing for a top europen club and in the the champions league plus the Bosnia-Herzegovina NT hes a great player and will rise 88/89 in a few weeks.Do the deal now before the other manager changes his mind.
  3. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) I think Steeven Langil WING/FWD aged 21 who plays for first placed SM Caen is due a good rise. He has 11 starts and a sub from 12 games plus hes the clubs top scorer with 5 goals and 3 assists aswell. Caen are 7 points clear at the top of the league and yet to lose. So all in all not bad for a 78 rated winger should rise 82/83 IMO. Also 19 year old FWD/AM Magaye Gueye is worth a look hes hit 6 goals in 10 starts and one sub plus he has a goal in the cup. Hes playing for RC Strasbourg who are second from bottom but Gueye is the 3rd top scorer in the league and a french under 21 player hes rated 75 so hes cheap too. Should rise to 80 I think.
  4. Re: Goalkeepers? Soslan DZHANAEV aged 22 is the no1 at Spartak Moskva rated 84 and will rise to 87/88 next change a great buy IMO
  5. Re: Need to sign a LM... Hi mate why not have a look at Balázs DZSUDZSAK hes only 22 and is a LM/WING and plays for dutch giants psv and Hungarian NT. Hes just gone up to 89 and if his form stays the same for the rest of the season dont rule out a rise to 90 next dutch change or a big money move. (Arsenal are said to be keen on him) Hes not as well know as some players so you may be able to buy him.
  6. Re: JUNIOR DUTRA, Sergio (76) - 8.5D WOW! yet again you have found a gem of a player im bidding now. rep for you mate.
  7. Re: CF rated 89 rising to 90 ? I think you cant go far wrong with Lyons Bafetimbi Gomis.Hes big strong and quick a bit like Drogba (but hes not as good as him yet though) Hes playing much better than Lisandro López whos rated 92(more mins and goals so far this season) plus hes playing and scoring in the champions league I can see him back in the french NT if he continues his good form. I think hes a safe bet for 90 and the french rating changes are not far away. Marouane Chamakh is also a good bet both will rise to 90 IMO buy them both mate. Hope thats of some helps.
  8. Re: Soslan DZHANAEV Spartak Moscows new number 1!!! Yes mate next change he should rise to 87/88 and IMO will be 89 the change after that.
  9. Re: Soslan DZHANAEV Spartak Moscows new number 1!!! Quick update hes now played 21 games for spartak who are 2nd in the league a point off rubin a total of 1899 mins with 9 clean sheets . Still only 22 years old and only rated 84.The russian changes are a long way off but I think he will rise +3/4 next time buy him.
  10. Re: 86 Centre Backs Daniel CARRICO 21 rated 85 will rise to 87/88 next Portuguese change top top player all ready. Hes starting nearly every game for sporting. IMO hes a must buy hope that helps buddy
  11. Re: CB needed! HELP URGENT! If you have any money left over you could buy Daniel CARRICO hes only 21 and rated 85 but will rise to 88/87 when the Portuguese ratings are done. He is a top player for sporting and will be a top player for the Portuguese NT in years to come. He will move to a big team in the next year or so im sure. Will cost you around 5 to 6 mil ATM
  12. murph1


    Re: Dida So why make a thread if its to early! Lets wait and see what happens when the ratings for italy are done then we will see whos right and whos know nothing. At the end of the day hes a poor keeper who is past his best and his best was never that good anyway. I dont see the point in wasting any more time with the pointless argument on this pointless thread.
  13. murph1


    Re: Dida Sorry mate there is no chance of Dida rising hes a poor keeper and is not starting on merit. Hes there due to injurys to the 1st and 2nd choice GKs I dont see a rise any time soon .
  14. Re: Yevhen KHACHERIDI Great find Ive just bid for him myself and I realy dont see why +9/10 cant happen after all LEWANDOWSKI went 74 to 85 with NT caps playing in a much weaker league. If all goes well for him and he avoids injurys +10 is not out of reach.
  15. Re: Which Striker ? HULKis worth a shout too 88 rated rise to 89/90
  16. Re: Rasmus Jönsson Looks good mate so what do you think he can do ratings wise(sweden's ratings a long way off) looking at the stats im guessing maybe +1/2 ? If he does get a move to a stronger league who knows. I will have keep a close eye on this guy could be a star in a year or two. Good work buddy keep us updated on his progress please. oh rep for you too.
  17. Re: Riser and Almeria starter -Macedo MICHEL
  18. Re: Fábio Faria, great portuguese prospect Top find my friend I have placed my bid rep for you too
  19. Re: Julian Baumgartlinger - Austrian International and riser Seems a realy good find buddy good spot.
  20. Re: What is the hardest setup you have competed in (not GC) English championship 7 hard hard place....Good fun though
  21. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Maybe to CM/AM or AM/CM but thats about it.
  22. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Both are great players Fernando is a alot like a young Makelele ' date=' Portos middfield hard man. Ramires on the other hand is a skillfull attacking mid with a eye for goal. Both are great players in there own right and Both are going to be stars and NT players for years to come IMO if you have them keep them both if you dont then buy them quick! I like Fernando more hes a beast of a DM but thats just my opinion.[/font']
  23. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread
  24. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread
  25. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread
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