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  1. Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker I hope hes added soon im so impatient............
  2. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Hi Derby power I would just like to know if you think Silvestre Varela is going to hold on to his first team spot? I know hes playing realy well right now. I have the chance to buy him but he would be 3rd or 4th choice in my team right now . Do you think if he stays fit and plays well he can reach 89/90 in two or three changes time if so he would be a good investment for my team. Thanks a lot :)Great thread by the way.
  3. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread Hi all could anyone tell me if its worth keeping Miguel Danny? I know hes out injured and out for the season and will drop to 88/89. I have him in one of my english setup teams and I have other players I can use if I sell him. I realy rated him before his injury. Is it worth keeping him and hoping he rises to 90/91 he should be IMO or should I just cash in while I still can? Thanks:confused:
  5. Re: Another Lyon Prodigy: Ishak Belfodil! great find mate
  6. Re: NEW EC106 SET- UP to be created tomorrow Im up for it (mark murphy )
  7. Re: Eden Hazard deal help needed Pierre-Emerick AUBAMEYANG is a good young CF he is owned by AC milan has just moved to Lille (on loan) the same team as hazzard. He played for 2nd division Dijon last season he got 8 goals 23 starts and 11 sub appearaces if he gets games he may well rise to 85/86 and is a talent but Hazard is such a talent its worth swoping both players to get him trust me.
  8. Re: Edinaldo Grafite 89->90? Im sure that Grafite will hit 90 next change but am i the only one thinking he has a good chance of getting a +2 to 91 after all he got 28 goals for 25 starts last season plus he was awarded german player of the year and so far this season hes hit one goal in one start in the cup and one from one in the league too. So it would seem his form has continued in to the new season is a +2 so out of the question???
  9. Re: Rick ten Voorde great scout and he looks promising ive just bid for him
  10. Re: Norvey Orozco 300k riser!!!!!!!! I AM GUTTED I WOULD HAVE BET MY HOUSE ON HIM HITTING 80 SORRY GUYS:o:o
  11. Re: trouble finding young forwards HULK of Porto rated 88 will go at least 89 maybe 90 this change hes a top player will hit 90 by the end of the season trust me .
  12. Re: Need Help! Need 85/95 Hot Prospects! Daniel CARRICO 20 CB 85 ratsd looking at a rise to 87 Angelo MIGUEL VITOR 20 CB/RB 85 rated looking at a rise to 87 Nicolás OTAMENDI 21 CB 86 rated NT caps big future Gregory VAN DER WIEL 21 RB/CB rated 86 looking at a rise to 88 NT caps too I hope that helps a bit buddy
  13. Re: rating predictions Frey 93-92 DROP WHY? Morel Rodriques 90-90 Rafael 86-88/89 Dainelli 90-90 Ferrari 90-91 MOVED TO A WEAKER LEAGUE NO RISE Richarlyson 89-90 WHY? Michael Ballack 93-93 Ledesma 90-91/92 WHY? 50/50 FOR A +1 Antoine Valencia 89-91/92 Carlos Vela 87-88/89 BIT PART PLAYER LAST SEASON Adrian Mutu 94-94 Luis Suarez 90-91/92 22 GOALS IN A WEAK LEAGE SMALL CHANCE OF +1 Nilmar 89-90/91 RISE T0 90 AT THE MOST Peter Crouch 89-90/91 WHY? Hulk 88-90/91 RISE TO 90 AT THE MOST
  14. Re: rating predictions What you say is ture enough but i dont see these rating happening in one change maybe by the end of the season yes but in one change time. Hulk will hit 89/90 yes but not 90/91 as you said no way hes 50/50 to hit 90. Valencia will get 90 for now 91/92 by the end of the season if he plays often enough and well enough. Rafael will play more than last season but 87/88 will be all he gets this time around IMO
  15. Re: rating predictions You have lost the plot there mate maybe valencia hulk and rafael will make these prediction in 2 changes time but not a chance this time round:rolleyes:
  16. Re: Lukas Kochanauskas Good work mate looks interesting
  17. Re: milto 4 alex or arabola ALEX every time buddy
  18. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I totally disagree for me hulk could well rise to 90 next change. Porto are domestic champions and hulk was a huge player for them last season both in the league and the champions league where they made the quarter finals. He made 22 starts and 13 sub appearances scoring 8 times. By the end of the first half of the season he was first choice forward playing along side Lisandro López 92 and Cristian Rodríguez 90. He will also play champions league football again next season which Berg will not be doing at Hamburger SV as they only finished 5th. IMO Porto are a better side than hamburger SV overall and the avarage rating of porto's team on SM reflects that too. Both players are great talents but Hulk is better placed to rise quicky ATM. Hang on to Hulk trust me.;)
  19. Re: Giampaolo Pazzini or Bafétimbi Gomis ?????
  20. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? No there all at managed clubs and they know they are risers too so they aint selling
  21. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? They are not available in my set up for some reason the managers wont sell them cant think why
  22. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hi all as it says in the title I realy need a good backup CF so I have my short list but who's the better buy? Both have a hand full of NT caps and both are rated 89 but while Gomis did not realy hit top form last season Pazzini played well enough to be in with a chance of hitting 90 IMO. Then again Gomis has just moved to Lyon which means CL football and is two years younger. please help me make my mind up!
  23. Re: Giampaolo Pazzini or Bafétimbi Gomis ????? Anyone else got a opinion on this id like to read as many as I can
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