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  1. Re: Kaka to 96 ? Yea , i do agree with a drop to at least 96 too as he didnt play very well last season ... Should i sell him now ?? And , what about Hugo Lloris ? Will he rise ? haha
  2. As my title had said , guys , what do you think will happen to Kaka ?? Will he stay at 97 or will he drop to 96 or maybe 95 just like Steven Gerrard ??
  3. can kaka pay as a CM ?? i play a formation of 4-4-2 and kaka and Anderson is on the mid...im managing Man Utd...can this be?? Besides, i wanna ask whether 1st position is better than 2nd position??? For example Anderson has a position of CM/AM . Will he perform better if i play him at CM instead of AM??
  4. Re: Chelsea Stadium capacity increase!!! buddy, then wat r u going to do if u manage chelsea for several seasons?? if u do, im sure u r unable to afford too many star players in ur squad as Man Utd do...this is becuz Man Utd has a very big Stadium Size!!!!
  5. Re: Chelsea Stadium capacity increase!!! i mean SM Moderator...this is really a good suggestion on behalf of every Chelsea Managers in the game!!!
  6. hey guys, im here to suggest that Chelsea stadium capacity should be increased in the game even though not in real life...i hope that Chelsea Chairman will increase the stadium capacity in the setup based on these few factors...1) Chelsea is a big club with lots of star players with highly wages 2) Chelsea final position in the league 3) Chelsea average attendants 4) Chelsea players total weekly wages 5) Chelsea achievement throughout the season eg. winning in Cup etc. 6) Chelsea star players 7) Big stadium fo
  7. hey guys, im currently managing Chelsea in EC 1582...i have tons of star players like Torres, Eto, Villa, Casillas, Iniesta, Terry, Lampard and so on...however, juz becuz of that, my club has gone into debt!!!! Usually, Home game is probably the game to earn some cash, isnt it?? However for me,i go into debt everygame unless there is some cash injection or tv revenue!!! Help me SM, i really wanted to know whether my chairman will increse my stadium or not!!! pls help me !!!! this is currently in season 1 and almost finish!!!
  8. Re: ~Who is the BEST striker in the World ATM ?? what about Aguero??
  9. hey guys, who do u think is the currently BEST among the BEST striker in the world?? and who has the most potential to be the best in the future?? For me, the best striker atm is FERNANDO TORRES and the young striker is SERGIO AGUERO...do u agree??
  10. Re: Rossi or Higuain Without a doubt , Higuain is the best choice!!
  11. Re: ~Tactical Help pls~ hey buddy, why don u answer to my question???
  12. Re: Aguero or Tevez??? Ty for all the comments and suggestions
  13. Re: What is the Future of Quaresma?? this is because i feel headache every time i search those thread...they r way too long....so i open my own thread...
  14. Re: What is the Future of Quaresma?? so wats ur opinion buddy???
  15. Re: Sergio AGUERO ops, im sry buddy...ty for reminding me...i will do that next time...btw, who do u think is better?? Aguero or Tevez??
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