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  1. So I created a new account (I've been playing since 2011, nearly 5 years now), and I decided to manage Leyton Orient, I wanted to manage them for a long time, however when I logged in it turned out my club was deleted, and my manager history looks very dodgy now, despite there being no games, no transfer, no nothing in between the 2 days. Can you adjoin it together instead of being 2 different saves, there were no games no transfer inbetween
  3. Why, I created an account on 20 january 2016 and by 28 january soccermanager made me quit as manager, i logged into day and notice that i now have to remanage it, but that would mean that it says that i've had two different spell at the club. no one else has managed it and i'd like to soccermanager to take away the thing which says i've quit, and say I've been manager from 20 january 2016 to present. The club is Leyton Orient in EC 32210
  4. cheers mates but this on the new version the option is not there i cant even revert to the old version
  5. I spent money and soccermanager wont even reply what a joke
  6. I need a favour from SM, as a loyal player since 2011, I would like to reactive my first ever account, however I forget the E-mail I used back the days, so please could you message me the email, I'll tell you the password http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?cid=3090570
  7. How do I send SM Credits as gifts to another user, please answer!!
  8. GRRR how do I send my SM Credits to another user with new user interface, if I made a new account how do I revert to the old user interface?
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