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  1. Re: Tactics Page I think that this 'improvement' should and hopefully will be quietly dumped ASAP. Maybe cosmetically more pleasing on the eye, just not very helpful if you have more than 11 players in your team. Could some of these new alleged 'improvement' be made switchable like the other tactics pages option is?. Just far too difficult to see if you have a player out of position or a better options on the bench. Seems purely change for change's sake as certainly doesn't add anything to the playability. Unless of course it's real purpose is as a back door way of reducing squad sizes?
  2. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread Probably not really as I am white. Suspect I might some very odd looks if I put down my ethnicity as Chinese.
  3. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread Not sure if this is on your list or indeed is a nationality, but I guess I must now be a British Hong Konger. Although my family originally only moved to Britain to escape during the French Revolution in 1789. Some very nasty people wanted to chop off their heads.
  4. Re: Stadium Upgrade Agree that it is a nice addition if it works, but is this in reality going to be of any help to the smaller teams? I remember that Bobo mentioned this last year, but it is still a problem so thought it worth mentioning again. My Oldham team has gone from the 4th to 1st division and am now 11 points clear of the drop zone with 9 games to go. So hardly a disastrous 1st season in the top flight, yet can't even sell out my current stadium capacity. Even against the glamour teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man U I never get close to the max capacity. Having beaten both Liverpool and Chelsea away you would think it would be standing room only for the home game. So does this upgrade just mean I will have an extra three thousand empty seats each game? Surely if you can't sell 13.000 tickets in the top division then it seems a little pointless having the stadium upgrade.
  5. Re: Man City sack Eriksson! Can't say it comes as a big surprise. Guess that is what happens when you have an owner who knows nothing about football. Wouldn't be so bad if it was even his own money being squandered. Notice that none of the Thai players have made appearances, which probably didn't go down well either. Seems Eriksson was a victim of his own success really with the great start. Will be interesting to see who the manager is when they play in Hong Kong next month. I understand another ex England manager is currently on the market. If anyone has Maclarens number I will happily pass it on when I see Thaksin. Well I guess the next manager will be expected to win the league next year. Probably any less is going to mean another sacking. Although when he was Thai Prime Minister tended to offer top jobs to relatives so maybe his son might be given more time.
  6. Re: ***Redknapp held in football inquiry*** Just noticed the following on the BBC website. Blues bosses arrested by police Karren Brady and David Sullivan Brady and Sullivan say they are "committed to helping police" Birmingham City co-owner David Sullivan and managing director Karren Brady have been arrested and questioned by police. City of London Police investigating alleged corruption in English football said they arrested a man, 59, and a woman 39, on Wednesday. The pair were questioned in connection with allegations of false accounting and conspiracy to defraud. A club statement said it was "fully committed to helping police with their inquiries". Both were bailed. The statement said: "David Sullivan and Karren Brady on behalf of Birmingham City Football Club were invited to co-operate with a City of London Police investigation and have happily done so. "By longstanding appointment, they have willingly attended interviews today." Last month police raided Birmingham City FC in an "ongoing investigation into football corruption". Seven other people are currently on bail as part of the investigation by City of London Police. Among those previously arrested during the investigation are Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp, the club's chief executive Peter Storrie and former chairman Milan Mandaric. Former Portsmouth midfielder Amdy Faye, a Senegalese international, has also been questioned by police. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/7339447.stm
  7. Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy New Year) Hope you all have a happy, prosperous and I guess in our cases winning year of the rat. Sorry might be a bit late, but just encase anyone will be in this part of the world either on holiday or work later this week. If you are then this maybe of interest to you. This years Lunar New Year Cup kicks off this Thursday. Although seems a break from tradition this year as it is normally International teams who take part. Match Day 1 7th February 2008 Match 1, Kick off time: 15:00 HK League XI vs Penarol Match 2, Kick off time: 17:30 Hajduk Split vs Ulsan Hyundai Match Day 2 10th February 2008 3rd / 4th Play-off, Kick off time: 15:00 Final, Kick off time: 17:30 Venue: Hong Kong Stadium Also interested if anyone can recommend any players worth looking out for amongst the following:- Wing Lung Bank 2008 Lunar New Year Cup Participating Team Delegation Hajduk Team Delegation Name D.O.B. Position Height Weight MIRO VARVODIC 15/5/1989 Goalkeeper 190 80 BOŽIDAR RADOŠEVIĆ 04.04.1989. Goalkeeper     VLADIMIR BALIC 29/9/1970 Goalkeeper 189 90 MLADEN BARTOLOVIC 10/4/1977 Attacker 169 65 JURICA BULJAT 12/9/1986 Defender 187 83 ANTE RUKAVINA 18/6/1986 Attacker 188 78 GORAN RUBIL 9/3/1981 Midfielder 172 70 IGOR TUDOR 16/4/1978 Defender 192 87 MATE MALES 11/3/1989 Middlefielder     MIRKO HRGOVIC 5/2/1979 Def/Midfielder 186 76 MARIN LJUBICIC 15/6/1988 Midfielder 186 76 SRĐAN ANDRIC 5/1/1980 Midfielder 180 75 FLORIN LUCIAN CERNAT 10/3/1980 Midfielder 175 69 MARIO MALOČA 04.05.1989. Defender 189 81 GORAN SABLIĆ 04.08.1979. Defender 187 81 DARIO DAMJANOVIC 23/7/1981 Midfielder 186 79 BORIS ŽIVKOVIC 15/11/1975 Defender 180 73 DRAGO GABRIĆ 27.09.1986. Midfielder 176 67 TOMISLAV BUŠIĆ 02.02.1986. Attacker 188 80 GORAN JOZINOVIC 27/8/1990 Def/Midfielder 175 70 MLADEN PELAIC 20/8/1983 Def/Midfielder 182 74 MARIO TIČINOVIĆ 20.08.1991. Midfielder 177 69 MARIS VERPAKOVSKIS Attacker IVO SURJAK General manager TOMISLAV ERCEG Sports director ROBERT JARNI Coach SAŠA GLAVAS ***. Coach MIRO COLAK Econom Penarol Team Delegation Name D.O.B. Position Height Weight Antonio Pacheco 11/4/1976 Attacker 1.68 65 José María Franco 28/9/1978 Attacker 1.92 84 Fernando Correa 6/1/1974 Attacker 1.81 77 Sergio Pérez 26/5/1988 Attacker 1.66 63 Alvaro Arias 3/10/1988 Defender 1.81 73 Matías Manrique 1/11/1980 Defender 1.87 80 Guillermo Reyes 10/7/1986 Goalkeeper 1.86 80 Mario Alvarez 9/10/1981 Midfield 1.83 88 Julio Mozzo 20/4/1981 Midfield 1.78 71 Diego Rodríguez 8/8/1986 Midfield 1.78 70 Carlos Díaz 4/2/1979 Midfield 1.72 68 Maximiliano Bajter 1/3/1986 Midfield 1.84 77 Alejandro González 23/3/1988 Defender 1.8 70 Omar Pérez 20/9/1976 Midfield 1.8 74 Carlos Bueno 10/5/1980 Attacker 1.78 72 Ruben Olivera 4/5/1983 Attacker 1.82 86 Fabian Estoyanoff 27/9/1982 Attacker 1.77 72 Darío Rodríguez 17/9/1974 Defender 1.84 86 Marcel Román 7/2/1988 Midfield 1.71 71 Damián Frascarelli 2/6/1985 Goalkeeper 1.9 83      
  8. Re: Which Gold Setup is the Best Like George I have also gone for GC1. The first and still the best. They say that there no easy games in international football, but you should include GC1 in that too. I guess similar to real life, you have got some very stiff competition for players and some excellent managers and squads. (Had a quick count and there are 71 managers with over 100 rep points, with about another 10 over 90!!!) So to even compete against the best in SM you have to really dig a little for players who are going to be the next big thing. Then just keep your fingers crossed until they are in your team.
  9. Re: Guess the Countries Flag Thread! Can't think of any major country other than Jamaica with a saltire. Could be Jersey of course? Not sure Jersey is a country however. Hope I haven't offended any of our Northern friends
  10. Re: Guess the Countries Flag Thread! Figured it might have been too easy.
  11. Re: Guess the Countries Flag Thread! Sorry I haven't been online. OK, mine is as follows The flag is vertically divided into two halves, the half closer to the flagpole is yellow, the other is white. The coat of arms can be found in the white half. The coat of arms consists of: * a tiara * two keys * a red cord connecting the keys. Good luck for those interested in playing.
  12. Don't know if any of you have seen this. Was taken during a NATO exercise in Florennes air base, Belgium. http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=iqCn5nuasHM
  13. Re: Guess the Countries Flag Thread! Could it be the Croatian Naval Ensign?
  14. Just found this interesting item from the BBC website. Sounds like as usual due to greed the Premiership has shot itself in the foot on this one. Bye Bye to the extremely profitable winter tours I guess. You would think they would have the intelligence to continue the free coverage to build the fan base like other sports and leagues have done. For 1.2 billion people, potential shirt sales alone must be more than the 25 million they got for the deal. Pretty small change for the potential greater loss. Seem to remember they messed it up in Africa also earlier this year by giving the contract to the highest bidder a company in Kenya which most of the continent can't even get. China's enthusiastic band of football fans have failed to sign up to watch the English Premier League on a new pay-per-view format. Top-flight English matches were previously available for free on television and had a potential audience of 30 million. But that changed when broadcaster WinTV bought the rights to broadcast Premier League games in China for three seasons, starting this year. WinTV now admits it has managed to attract only 20,000 customers willing to pay the 588 yuan (£39; $80) annual fee. A company spokeswoman said it was proving difficult to persuade Chinese football fans to pay to watch matches that were previously free. "We're just trying to promote this concept, the idea that people should pay for this kind of service. It will take some time," she said. Angry fans The broadcaster, based in southern Guangdong province, has even enlisted the help of former England national team manager Sven-Goran Eriksson. Eriksson, who now manages Premier League team Manchester City, gives a video message on the broadcaster's website, urging fans to sign up. It's time to say goodbye to those TV channels that provided Premier League games free of charge Song Zheng, WinTV "Even if you live in England and want to see matches on television you have to pay for it," he tells Chinese fans. WinTV bought the rights to screen English Premier League matches for three years in February for a reputed $50m. At the time company chief executive Song Zheng seemed confident he could attract enough customers to make a profit. "It will be difficult to change this habit in the beginning, but I believe that more and more people will choose pay-TV in the future." But it appears that convincing Chinese football fans to put their hands in their pockets is proving harder than Mr Song initially thought. Many are angry at having to pay for something that was previously free. Shao Shengyi, a television sports commentator and football fan, said although he could afford the subscription fee, he was refusing to pay on principle. "You are going to need time to get some Chinese people to change their mind - and I am one of those," said Mr Shao, who works for Chinese Central Television. But he added: "I have some friends who are so crazy about the Premier League, they have decided to just pay up." Switching loyalties In order to defray some of its costs, WinTV has sold the rights to broadcast matches over the internet to Chinese online media company SINA. SINA charges an annual subscription fee of 380 yuan (£26; $52). Football fans can also pay 3.8 yuan (£0.3; $0.5) for each individual match. Despite that move, some Chinese media reports suggest that WinTV is already set to make a loss this year on its Premier League service. Premier League clubs will also be unhappy to hear that their product has lost millions of fans in just one season. Many have spent time and money in an attempt to extend their fan base in China by activities such as touring the country. Arsenal are the latest English club to join the hunt for Chinese fans, launching a Chinese-language website in October. In a video message played at the launch ceremony in Beijing, the club's manager, Arsene Wenger, made it clear that China's 1.3 billion stock of potential fans could not be ignored. "You now have the largest population in the world and we would like to make them all Arsenal fans," Wenger said. But Premier League clubs do not just have to face the problem of a smaller fan base. Another obstacle is that rival European leagues from Italy, France and Germany are still aired for free on Chinese television. Rowan Simons, who promotes amateur football in China, says Chinese fans show little loyalty to any particular league. "You won't find many die-hard Premier League fans. Many have already switched to other European leagues," he says. Those are not comforting words for England's top clubs - or WinTV. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7136677.stm
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