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  1. jefferson farfan hows he doing at schalke? will he fall or rise? i am currently considering getting him also lavezzi , he was a scoring sensation last season but i think this season not so much, do you guys think he will rise ? and to what rating and i also need a good midfielder, doesnt matter rm/cm/lm/wing, who do you all recommend ( i don't mind young players who are almost guranteed a rise)
  2. Re: questions about GK and condition (%) can anyone answer the part on the player fitness? how much of a part do they play in determining result? for example, a 91 rated player on 70-80% vs a 87 rated player on 100% which will perform better? if the 91 does perform better, i take it that as long as a player doesn't have the NMF status, he will perform to his full potential? needs clarification thanks .
  3. not sure where this is supposed to be posted but here goes. i am in the play-off finals and with only 2 days apart, most of my 1st team players are still in 70-80~ % condition. so i wan to know if GK can get injured right now or the feature has not been implemented yet cause i wan to fill my bench with as many outfield players as possible and not watse a spot on the bench for a gk that stand no chance of playing. also, i want to know if a sub-70 - 80% player can still perform well in a game? (as it doesnt show the player to be NMF after >60% i believe). thanks and wish me luck for my finals
  4. will they get injured? i am in the playoff finals and with only 2 days from the semis, most of my 1st team players are still recovering, i don't want to watse a spot on the bench for a keeper if he doesn't stand a chance of entering the pitch. thanks
  5. Re: race for playoff spot. need help nice nice. then what do u think of the instructions? shld i go for direct / slow/ fast passing or what style?
  6. Re: race for playoff spot. need help any 1 else got any more tips/ ideas?
  7. Re: race for playoff spot. need help btw which wagner are you talking about? thanks for your advice
  8. Re: race for playoff spot. need help thanks, mind explaining more ?
  9. Re: race for playoff spot. need help hi there, thanks for trying to help ~ my club form hasn't been very good recently. After a 6-0 win, it is followed by 5 draws which is quite disappointing
  10. ok so im down to the final 2 games in my game world and only 4 points separate the 4th to 8th place in div 2. i am on 5th and wan to ensure a play-off spot ! hope u guys can help me . this is basically my best 11, if you guys need to see the whole squad, tell me and i'll post it up for reference and my next opponent is celtic who is in 2nd place.. i normally play with a 442 and with the new tactics engine, i would change to a 3-2-2-2-1 if i am drawing at 60th min and change to a 4-3-3 wingers attacking mode if i am losing at 75 mins. any ideas/suggestion would be appreciated. thanks
  11. Re: Tactics Help Thread ok thx. so what other formation and playing style do u think my team is suited to?
  12. Re: Tactics Help Thread playing style normally would be tackling style : hard mentality : attacking passing style : short attacking style : mixed tempo : fast pressing : all over/own half all these coupled with counter attack men-behind ball tight marking target man my target man would usually be pogrebnyak or adriano. and if i do use playmaker sometimes, it would be kranjcar
  13. Re: Tactics Help Thread alright so my team is facing fluctuating form somewhat (w/l/w/l/d/w) something like that. here is my team -------------------------Carrizo (GK 90)--------------------- Cicinho (RB 90)-----J. Miranda (CB 89)--E. Thiago Silva (CB 89)---J. Vargas (LB 90) ------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Barnetta(RW, 90)---M, Hamsik (CM 90)---- N, Kranjcar(AM 91)-- Richarylson (LM, 90) --------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------Pogrebnyak (CF, 91)------- Adriano (Fwd 91)------------ Subs: Diego Alves (GK 88) G. Obertan ( F / W 86) D. Criscito (Cb/Lb 88) F. Wagner (W/ AM 89) G. Medel (DM/ RB 87) okay so this is roughly my team, and the average FIRST XI rating is 90 which is quite good in my div (div 2 in a game world ). yet im languishing in mid table and only few points away from relegation zone. can any 1 offer some advice? =D thanks in advance
  14. Re: Grinding out a win against tougher opponents well, the 5 man midfield tactic worked somewhat as i had 10 shots on goal, 6 of which were on target while chelsea had 12 shots OG, 7 OT. i played short, fast passing and managed to have majority of the possession 53%... BUT..... i still lost 0-1 away... am i unlucky or what. ?
  15. Re: Grinding out a win against tougher opponents alright thanks for the reply ! another question.. what do u guys think my playing style should be? should i play short , fast passing football with the 5 man midfield ? also, smartdoc will u teach me how to
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