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  1. Re: Aly Cissokho - F.C.Porto´s new signing (now at Milan) We have Hulk/Orlando Sa to play up front so theres a perfect replacement for Lisandro. Bruno Alves will be difficult but remember Pepe he came from Maritimo and now hes at Real Madrid i have the same feeling about Maicon.
  2. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Aye Insider what do you think of Leozinho and Bruno Batata (lol). Both scored for Coritiba today and both made their debut. Leozinho came from Icasa and not sure about Bruno potato. Bruno got a brace BTW.
  3. Re: Laio - Botafogo gem Laio's goal is at 1:02 if anyones interested.
  4. Re: Portuguese Ratings I know, i can't believe it Now i know why we bought Pereira. Still great deal of business bought him for 200k sold for 15 mil.
  5. Re: Risers Sebastian Sciorilli Sebastian Sciorilli is a 20 year old attacking midfielder currently playing for Colon on loan from River Plate. Sebastian Sciorilli is a typical pint sized "Number 10" Argentinian play maker. Sebastian Sciorilli started his career at River Plate were he excelled through the youth system. Last year he broke into the squad but was subjected to limited appearances. In the end he was surplus to requirements at River Plate and was subsequently loaned out to Colon where he has enjoyed a very good loan spell showing his great play making skills. This has led to pundits labeling him the new Carlos Tevez. He is great for getting balls in behind defenses. Also many people would think his statue would make him less of a player but he always gets into great spots and lets no one shove him off the ball. This season so far he has played 10 games for Colon. 7 starting and 3 off the bench out of 15. Decent for a player who was considered as nothing whilst at River. He has contributed greatly to Colon's fourth placing at the moment. A decent rise is in place for him on Monday. Take advantage of the fact that SM take 2 days off and purchase him before he rises! Name: Sebastian Sciorilli Age: 20 Predicted rating: 75 > 81/82 Club: Colon, On loan from River Plate
  6. Re: Portuguese Ratings Felipe Lopes is a solid CB. His rating depends if he is still at Nacional when next season starts and is he still is and keeps performing really well in the UEFA cup & Liga Portuguesa then he will rise by +1/2. Personally i would keep him but if your financial situation isn't good you could always sell him to an external then buy him back.
  7. Re: Vincent ENYEAMA - "The Cat" an international keeper with potential to rise.
  8. Re: Vincent ENYEAMA - "The Cat" an international keeper with potential to rise.
  9. Re: Vincent ENYEAMA - "The Cat" an international keeper with potential to rise.
  10. Re: Laio - Botafogo gem GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL do LAIOOOOOOOOOO .................Botafogo are winning 2-0 first goal to Batista and second goal to Laio who walked it into the net after showing persistence to get the ball.
  11. Re: Laio - Botafogo gem Laio has been subbed in with 25 minutes to play hopefully he can grab the winning goal against Santos.
  12. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Insider whats the go with Marllon from Forta? Was going to do a thread on him but then just stopped playing. Watched the Fotaleza v Juventude game and wasn't even on the bench. Is he injured suspended? Cheers.
  13. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Honestly what a team! Ronaldo, Kaka, Salgado:p, Casilias, Robben etc. Plus the fact they have a world class coach in Manu Pelligrini. one word to sum it up is INCREDIBLE! Fair to say Barcalona and every other team in Europe will have their work cut out to beat Real, maybe barring Porto
  14. Re: Manchester United Accepted £80m Bid from Real Madrid fro Cristiano Ronaldo
  15. Re: Manchester United Accepted £80m Bid from Real Madrid fro Cristiano Ronaldo Wow! Didn't think he would leave. Hope he does well in Spain. Ronaldo, Kaka and maybe Villa what an attack
  16. Re: Risers Apodi Luiz Diallison De Souza Alves or better know as Apodi is a 22 year old RB/RM currently playing for Vitoria in the Brazilian Serie A. He is a quick mobile right back who loves running up and down the pitch and could sometimes grab a great goal. This season he has been great for Vitoria appearing in most of their games and putting in great performances which has seen him being nominated for RB of the week several times this year. His first club was Vitoria back in the Serie B. His performances as an 18 year old caught the eye of the nation and he subsequently sold to giants Cruzeiro. He didn't have the best of seasons at Cruzeiro and was immediately sold back to Vitoria after one season. He was then loaned out to Santos but again a lack of game time had a severe effect on his performances. Now his back with his old club and has been playing superbly easily the best in the team along with Victor Ramos and Leandro Domingues. Apodi has featured in 3/5 games for Vitoria. He missed two games to due to an injury but marked his return this week with a great goal against Palmeiras. Name: Apodi Age: 22 Predicted rating change: 78 > 83/84 > 85/86 Club: Vitoria, Brazil.
  17. Re: Willen Mota Inacio Nope, neither he or Coutinho are on the DB of course Coutinho is on his way to Inter. Apparently the Vasco youth coaches reckon he is really similar to Ronaldo but then again so are a lot of players. Time will tell.
  18. Willen Mota Inacio Willen Mota Inacio is a 17 year old striker currently playing for recently relegated side Vasco De Gama. Willen is considered to be strong on the ball, great ball control and most importantly a great eye for the goal. People have been labelling his the "true" next Ronaldo. Willian first arrived at Vasco at the of 13 and only had one thing on his mind and that was to become a professional footballer. In various state youth competitions he would always be top goalscorer and best player. He was the main reason Vasco won the copa do Brazil "u17s". His goals and assists and also Coutinho helped them grabbed the title. Over his years in the youth team of Vasco de Game he has scored an outstanding 136 goals. A mean feat for anyone coming through the ranks of Brazil. Great thing about Willen is his mentality despite being one of the best youngsters in Brazil he keeps his head down and concentrates hard something most talened youngsters these days don't posses. So to some up his youth career at Vasco he has scored 136 goals in 5 years and has been and was top goalscorer in 3 out 4 state competitions that he has been involved in. Brazilian football experts have already said that Willen physically has the right tools to already be playing in the top divisions of Brazil despite being 17. He is much praised by the Vascaino coaching staff and they believe that he will be one of there main stars in a couple of years. He also aspires one day to move to a big club like team mate Phillipe Coutinho. "One day i would love to move to Europe. Even at this age or as soon as i turn 18 that is my dream i hope to achieve". Hopefully he will be the jewel in the crown for Vasco de Gama along with Alex Teixeira, Alan Kardac and others. Also he was included in the 2009 U17 Copa Sudamerica playing for Brazil. As far as i know he didn't really feature for Brazil. This year his chances for featuring for Vasco de Gama are next to none with all the attacking presence in the squad. next year is a whole different story and i expect his be featuring in the squad. Never know though he might get his opportunity this year even as a last minute sub. One this is certain though he has all the makings of Ronaldo and hopefully with have a successful career just like the phenomino. Nothing special but still a decent goal.
  19. Re: Insider's co-scout recruitment Yeh wouldn't mind this as well.
  20. Re: Torres+Gerrard and tj h's Scouting Mission! Good thread so far boys keep it up!
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