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    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? Can't be Chris Burke because Cardiff is Welsh not English.
  2. Re: Lisandro Lopez Attracts Premier League Clubs! Lisandro is 90% guaranteed going to Inter and if not Inter another top team. I am certain he will not stay at Porto and will NOT move to Tottenham or Man City (Both already have a lot of strikers anyway.) If Lisandro goes i guess it will be a good thing for some of the youngsters i.e Orlando Sa, Ukra and of course Hulk If he were to go to an EPL club it would most likely be Chelsea.
  3. up gunners

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? John Arne Riise.
  4. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Is it true that Edno has already secured a deal with Corinthians??
  5. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Walter's out for the rest of this year because of damaged ligaments on his knee.
  6. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season LOL at that map Got to visit Parana sometime soon . Vitora got humiliated by Vasco. 4-0. Ageste ou meu tempo ver esse jogo. My Portuguese seems to still be in tact. EDIT: Goals to Carlos Alberto, Elton, Paulo Sergio and Nilton.
  7. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Sorry about that I thought Vitoria was in the estado de Carioca.
  8. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Vitoria v Vasco. Derby of ou estado de Carioca. Should be a great match to watch!
  9. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Atletico PR 0 - 2 Vitoria - Goals from Wallace and Leandro Domingues. Really enjoy the way they play. Think i've found my Brazilian team. Great goal by Leandro Domingues great inter play and a calm finish by Lerandro. First goal was by youngster Wallace (Sign him up now hes brilliant and hes only rated 80. Great run in from the cross by Wallace and a great finish. Another safe bet would be Apodi. Seems like hes the starting RB at Vitoria.
  10. Re: Pick A 'Pear' Sorry, didn't realise. In that case i choose Rabiola (Portugal U19s)
  11. Re: Pick A 'Pear' Panagiotis Lagos (AEK)
  12. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Carlos, what do you think of Careca. Youngster got some goals last year is he any good?
  13. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Insider what do you think of Vanderlei Coritiba's goalkeeper. Had a great match against Palmeiras and is he worth hanging on to?
  14. Re: The Corinthians news thread. Ronaldo got player of the tournament in the campeonato Paulista.
  15. Re: Rene STEER - Arsenal Youth/Reserves Player Yep his contract is up. Steer, Blackwood, Rodgers etc aren't getting their contracts renewed. Might have a future some where else but certainly not at Arsenal. Sorry for going off topic but 16 year old Centre Half Miquel Ignasi made his reserves debut and looked okay. Someone to keep an eye on.
  16. Re: Rene STEER - Arsenal Youth/Reserves Player And Armand Traore. Don't think he has a future at Arsenal.
  17. Re: Sinan Ayranci - The New Zlatan Ibrahimovic Fair enough but they also said that about Goran Slakovski as well and hes no where to be seen now.
  18. Re: Sinan Ayranci - The New Zlatan Ibrahimovic Its difficult to label someone the next Zlatan, Ronaldo etc because there is a massive chance he won't even become half of what Zlatan is. Goran Slakovski anyone? Not taking anything away from the find it was a great spot, keep it up!
  19. Re: Italian Starlet - Gianmarco Zigoni Zigoni got a +2 rise today in the rating changes. Also hes played a couple more games and that adds up to 714 minutes now.
  20. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Up Gunners enjoys his debut win A breathtaking match was played within the confines of London Road stadium between Peterborough United and Rochdale. Many pundits were tipping Rochdale for the win due to the fact that Up Gunners had just recently took over the helm at the club. This wasn't the case as 'Boro came out firing at the start of the match. 'Boro dominated the opening stages of the match in style. The only problem causer for them was Rochdale's Spanish international Juan Mata. Centre Half Gareth McAuley grabbed the first goal of the match with a shot driven at the corner of the goal. Again 'Boro dominated the play before and after half time with Ghanaian international Ransford Osei smacked the bar in dramatic circumstances. 'Boro sat back after that goal and thats when Rochdale came and attacked them. Juan Manuel Mata causing 'Boro loads of problems. All this pressure soon paid off as Gary Jones nodded in for Rochdale to reduce the deficit to 2-1. 'Boro picked up there game and came firing. On-loan from Preston Attacking Midfielder Nicholas Bertolo sealed Rochdale's fate with a shot from inside the 6 yard box. Bertolo also grabbed the MON award. Hopefully he will continue to produce in the blue and white. Star player Nicholas Bertolo.
  21. Re: Dario vidosic Don't ride him off to early scored the winner for Nuremburg today against Inglstadt (Spelling)
  22. Re: Arsenal Gossip Deserved win for Manchester.
  23. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Gooners takes over 'Boro Manager Up Gunners has officially been presented as Peterborough's official new manager. Peterborough are currently third on the ladder and looking for promotion. This won't be easy as many of the top managers are also vying for promotion spots. Many pundits and and football analysts have applauded the appointed of Gooner as he has a massive reputation for building teams and changing them into Premiership forces. Here is what he had to say upon his interview. Boro fans have high hopes for the man they like to call the "Gooooner" hopefully he can live up to this hype. Gooner has kept all his transfer plans quiet and has not told a soul. Rumour has it he is going for some unknown youngsters and established players. Boro star man Alejandro Vela
  24. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Cheers...........
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