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  1. against 4-2-2-2 u can use base 4-3-3B or 3-5-2. The game with the update now is too easy: counter formation doesn't exist anymore and the only important thing is the overall value of the team. If u have 94-95 u win the league 99% and is nearly impossible to lose: sad but now the game engine works this way. Seasons like Leicester in this game Bye BYE!
  2. Game now is so broken: team with highter value win 90% times. It's impossible to do a season like Leicester now. And 4-3-3B is a terrible BUG
  3. Thanks for the answer, but I used 5-3-2 against it and I lost 3-1. Barcellona with this formation is unbeatable
  4. Hi! Recently after the big update, most of the counter formations have changed. Now I tried 4-3-3B base in all the game world for two months and I got the same results: always Won. I just can't find a counter for this broken formation. I tried 3-5-2, 4-3-3A, 4-5-1A/B, 4-4-2A/B/C, 4-1-3-2, 4-2-3-1A/B. Any ideas? This formation with a general value of 92 is unbeatable and play against with 4-3-3B is not the solution. This game is broken. Thanks for the advice and sorry for my english
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