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  1. Re: Player Concerns Would some sort of advanced contract system in the future help to solve some of the somewhat irritating concerns? I'm just thinking of things such as reserve, rotation and youth contracts as such, not necessarily all of them, but things like the reserve contract would be a nice idea. Players with a reserve contract would obviously be expecting to play fewer games than those with the normal first team contract, obviously it should depend on a players rating so that you can't go and sign 90+ players on them. Hilario would be a good example of someone who could be given a r
  2. Re: BOSINGWA or SAGNA? Based on this years performance, Bosingwa definately gets my vote, hes been playing exceptionally well for chelsea, and hes already netted himself his first goal. Evidence of his great form up to this point this year would be shown in him being named in the Uefa Euro 2008 team of the tournament, and somewhat from the fact that hes currently joint leader on points in barclays premier league fantasy football (which to be fair, is quite accurate). I still think Sagna is fantastic, as hes also currently performing extremely well in the EPL, but Jose just gets my vote.
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