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  1. Why in the hell Niang got the rise? He is awfull so far this season.
  2. Man calm down. Shaw barrely played for Man Utd in the last two years and he arrived as a 19 year old boy, which 19 year old has more than 88 in SM? Moreno is 25 and he played first team for Sevilla and Liverpool for the last 4 years, of course he will have higher rating. If Shaw is better he will show that in an upcoming season, but u cant expect him to rise while he was injured.
  3. Depends on his performances, you cant give him a rise because he is healthy.
  4. I sended them a ticket and they said that there is no evidence for banning the offender but that they will start monitoring him and that i send them info if anything suspicious happens again. So maybe thats the way, try it.
  5. I aplied for Chievo, ready to obey the rules and enjoy the game
  6. Try making a bug ticket, its the only way SM talk to us, explain your problem, maybe they will react.
  7. I am interested in joining, can someone PM me all the rules needed to know?
  8. I suggest giving more power to the managers, community of the Game World to combat the cheaters. Voting system on who to kick or ban from the server and that sort of stuff.
  9. SM support service is really bad man, this game is dying. It is really a shame, this game could be really good if there were no cheating
  10. I agree with you but there should be like a voting system for kicking the player from the GW, like if 70,80% of people vote yes they should be kicked. They need to give power to the managers playing and not make us depend on their poor support service.
  11. Go to Player database and load a data pack, that should fix that.
  12. So in this moderately populated Game World (45 players), one manager goes from club to club (clubs that just lost manager and are awaiting replacement, having many 90+ players), and sells the best players to his friend on the GW. Some managers like me reported transfers and we managed to block them few times, but after a while deals go trough even after the reports. I tried to report with te option multiple accounts, but SMFA says that there are no evidence to do some action about it (i play on another language so this may not be what you see on english). Game is becoiming pointless and i am thinking about leaving the GW and game alltogether. Is there anything we can do to stop them, or this game is utter crap and allows this kind of thing?
  13. Left back for sure, too many better wingers on the team. If he does not go to China as some rumours say, i would say yes, he is safe.
  14. What do you think od Promes, can he rise to 90 or has to move to other league?
  15. Banega deserved that 92, he is not getting rise for transfer, he is getting rise for this season form and he has been excelent, 3 EL in a row. And Milner did not deserve 91 for two months of good form, you are just saying that because he is English.
  16. I have an offer Jovetic+10M for my Weigl, what do you all think?
  17. Vardy should have got +2 to 91, hopefully he performs well in Euros and get his rating.
  18. Yeah yeah suuuree, just because Bournemouth can win against Man UTD, that doesnt show that league is strong, it shows your big teams are weak like Euro cups show us.
  19. I just noticed Arsenal have more drops than Chelsea, oh god..
  20. Atleast community is active now on this thread, altrough for bad reasons..
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