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  1. Re: Luis ANDERSON & Luís NANI for LAMPARD, Frank thanks mates... the deal was done b4 i take care this team...just want to know ur opinions and see if i should keep this team or find another one... i'll try and see if i can buy them back.... by the way, this team has some young players too...SISSOKO, Mohamed, DE ZEEUW, Demy, IRELAND, Stephen and PIENAAR, Steven. Are they good enough to replace nani and anderson?
  2. I'm getting Lampard, good deal?? feel like trade future star for today star....
  3. Re: Seydou KEITA thanks...then i better keep him...
  4. Should i sell him at 20 mil?? good deal? i plan to buy Sulley Muntar to replace for LM...good idea? Thanks.
  5. Re: Transfers: Henry, Farfan, Eto'o i have a offer for eto'o = benzema + 5 mil...it's that a good offer?
  6. AlexNg


    Re: Henry thanks. And i get a deal Benzema + 5 mil for Eto...Maybe i should keep henry and accept that trade....
  7. AlexNg


    Should I sell Henry in this team? if yes, what price is reasonable to ask? or Should I use him to swap other player? Thanks... My Team: PINTO, José JORQUERA, Albert VAN DER SAR, Edwin HAKAN BALTA, Kadir VÍCTOR ESPASANDIN , Facal ABIDAL, Éric SYLVINHO , Mendes (plan to sell) FALI, Romero Serrano DANI ALVES, Silva OLEGUER, Presas MISEVSKI, Filip HENRIQUE, Adriano Buss CACERES, Martin HOOGERVORST, Jeffrey MILITO, Gabriel PUYOL, Carles MARQUEZ, Rafael GALLAS, William VICTOR SANCHEZ, Mata SUAREZ, Jeffrén HLEB, Aleksandr PARRA , José Mauricio CROSAS, Marc KEIT
  8. Re: ZANETTI, Javier thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to ask for 12 mil or more....if not, just keep him in my team...
  9. Re: ZANETTI, Javier Thanks ZRedstall... What is a reasonable price for him? As i plan to sell him and buy some young defender for future investment.
  10. Should I sell ZANETTI, Javier at 9 mil? Or keep him since he has rating 94. Thanks...
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