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  1. Some of my players have risen to 88, what do I do ?
  2. P.S.G isn't unmanaged, I Have Them Since Turn 2
  3. Lol I was on my phone, and it was acting up but based on the players I think I can work better with Berlin
  4. Can I Get Hertha Berlin Instead As They Are More Stable Than Stuggart ?
  5. So I should apply for the tier 3 team ?
  6. interested but isn't the rating cap a little bit too low? youth nowadays are getting 80+ ratings I would like Portmore United from Jamaica
  7. More money, extend the starting to balance to $500M Allow you to edit the game layout at the end of each season. For example if you want to add more teams or change the number of divisions in your setup
  8. Ok, I understand everything now, looking forward to this
  9. So only division one and two clubs will be available to choose from ? If it is only division 1 and 2 clubs I would like either Leicester City or Sporting if it's any club I would like Dortmund And is there a rating cap on players we can draft or buy ?
  10. I have two other accounts, i could apply with them so you can open the gameworld and then quit right after, want me to do that ?
  11. Definitely Ricardo Rodriquez, and let him take your free kicks ☺
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