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  1. Shall be a vacancy as we start our new season.
  2. A bump on this. Always needing some new managers.
  3. Should add in since posting Im buying Oblak (planning on selling Neuer due to wages), Coutinho (sending Callum Chambers and Lee to external) and Naby Keita. Is there anyone else there thats stagnated or still just do the usual loan 30 or so players out and keep sitting on them and waiting for further rises? The other thing would be have Alexis Sanchez, Vidal and Rakitic probably hit their peak ratings wise?
  4. Bit of a routine at the end of each season but who here isnt worth hanging onto: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=364296&clubid=11047713&sid=21054 Slowly but surely cut this squad down. Down to 60. Wouldnt mind maybe cutting 5-10 players.
  5. Audit: So current squad value caps are: Everton 310mil Leciester 310mil Valencia 325mil. Sevilla 303.5mil Atletico Madrid 307mil All else: 300mil Clubs Currently Over: Napoli 300.6mil FC Schalke 300.7mil
  6. Season 3 Cup Winners: Atletico MadridSeason 3 Division 1 Champions: ValenciaSeason 3 Division 1 Runners-Up: LeicesterSo currently Season 3 will have the following maximum squad values: Everton 310mil (Division 1 Champions Season 2 (+10mil SECOND SEASON)Leicester City 310mil (Div 1 runners up)Valencia 325mil (Div 1 Winners (+20) Div 1 Runners Up +5 Second Season)Sevilla 307mil (Season 2 Cup Winners (+3.5mil SECOND SEASON)Atletico Madrid 307mil (Cup Winners)
  7. Final Div 1 Ladder: 1. Valencia 2. Leicester 3. Benfica 4. Spurs 5. Everton 6. Leverkusen 7. Monchengladbach 8. Lazio Cup Winners: Atletico Madrid
  8. We've added Diego Perotti for 8mil. Had wanted Adam Lallana but missed out. Happy enough with Perotti. Squad wise we felt one short in zttack so he brings extra depth and his versatility as a AM,F (RLC) should come in handy.
  9. Thats awesome. Thats a lot of debt we'll be sitting on!
  10. A new team for us will look fairly different: Leno (90) Bender (91) N'Koulou (90) Mascherano (93) Sokratis (91) Lahm (94) Pastore (91) Sanchez (94) Ozil (94) Firmino (90) Aubameyang (93) Bench: Berdiyew (75) Matip (89) Danilo (90) Milner (90) Medel (90) Zhirkov (88) Hernandez (91) Bolded are new signings, Sanchez in italics for leaving and returning. Is it much better? Think the limits in this setup allow you to not improve your team too much. But with 4 new signings certain starters and one on the bench its hopefully the shakeup we need for survival.
  11. Sokratis in for Monreal and Grozzkreutz. Losing two utter flops for hopefully a much better player
  12. We get a huge 2-1 win to push us up to 7 points, 4 short of survival. Following the huge 45million sale of Ivan Rakitic, we've used the cash and cap space to make some big signings. javier Pastore and Luiz Danilo both join for cash. N'Koulou joins in a deal that sees Dante leave us as well. So since our big squad upheavel in a quest for survival started we've seen Rakitic, Cuadrado, Nainggolan, Alexis Sanchez, Dante and Rui Patricio leave us. In their place has come Aubameyang, Alexis Sanchez, Leno, Pastore, N'Koulou and Danilo.
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