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    Branislav Tošković got a reaction from PatMagroin124 in What New Features Would You Like to See in Soccer Manager 2017?   
    -I would like to see better schedules(for example in my third season with Radnički Niš I played CL,league and both domestic cups,so 4 competitions.There were cases of playing a league match at Sunday,cup at Tuesday and the following day,at Wednesday a CL match which totally exhausted my players).
    -More realistic player ratings after matches(there were a lot of situations when my gk had clean sheet,but get rating 6 and opponent's keeper conceded 3 goals and gets 10,even MoTM).
    -Last-better financial prizes for winning a league.
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    Branislav Tošković got a reaction from Ste G in English Premiership Rating Predictions   
    Joel Robles didn't rise??
    I know there was Tim Howard as a first choice until november/december but Robles is
    85 rated at the moment and he had 2000+ minutes this season.
    At least a +1.
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    Branislav Tošković reacted to RoyalAguila in Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread   
    They have different play style to begin with, so it's pointless to compare them (like an orange to a banana).
    While I agree on Messi having better passing skills and playmaking skills (and infact in NT he plays as advanced playmaker)
    -neither of them really helps  the team in defensive phase
    -Ronaldo is faster and more powerful, which helps a lot in the counterattack phase. The only aspect of the winger duties in which Messi is superior to cr7 is the creative phase, but it's not like Cr7 has no creativity at all - so not even close, Messi is not an overall better winger than Cr7 at all.
    -better scorer is also debatable, as Real Madrid depends a lot more on Cr7 scoring,  than Barca depends in Messi scoring (especially given Suarez and Neymar being very prolific too) 
    99 is fair for both Ronaldo and Messi.
    Changing point of discussion. When is Godin going to rise? Best defender of the world and the defensive leader of the best defense of the world, yet Ramos and Thiago Silva are rated higher which is absolutely laughable.
    He should be at very least 95, but his proper SM rating should be a 96.
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    Branislav Tošković got a reaction from kylepearson in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Maksimovic +1 at least.
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    Branislav Tošković got a reaction from Dot I Dot in 13 years old player?   
    This is ridiculous, 13 or 15 years old, whatever.
    I really don't understand adding these kids and the most interesting thing is that he costs 120k.
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