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  1. Hi to all, Currently I am managing New England Revolution in the American Soccer League and I've been facing a really serious problem for the last few seasons. My budgets constantly decreases, regardless of the fact that I always end up being in top 3 in my league and loss only a maximum of 2-3 games during the whole season. At the moment I am at -46 mln and there are 9 more games left until the end of the season, so I am assuming I'll be able to overpass the -50mln barrier pretty easily. However, now I face a much bigger issue, as my second goalkeeper Morgan de Sanctis is retiring at the end of this season, so my team will drop under the 21 players limit, I won't have a second goalkeeper, I won't have any money to buy new players, nor the possibility to sell anybody in order to fix my budget. Any tips on what to do in this case? I said to myself that this is going to be my last season managing New England Revolution because I've been playing with the same bunch of players for maybe more than 5 seasons now and it's impossible to achieve anything like this because the team needs a few improvements, in order to compete for the title. I really hope that at the end of the season the chairman will invest more than 50 mln so that I can actually have a budget and that my squad doesn't drop under the 21 players limit...but what if he doesn't invest and my team drops under 21 players? What will happen in this case?
  2. TS26

    Game World BUG

    Hi to all, I wanted to manage a new club therefore I applied to take a football club from a private game league. It showed me that I have to wait for the admin to accept my application, however I've been waiting for more than a week now and understandably I decided to withdraw my application, unfortunately it shows me "error" as you can see from the picture attached...so I would be really grateful if someone managed to tell me how to deal with this situation and sort it out, as currently I cannot manage another team due to it taking my free slot
  3. TS26

    Game bug!!!

    Hi Allan-NI, Just 1 game left until this season ends, so it means it's currently turn 38. I bought Juan Mata this season in April and he has played 7(7) games since then, which means he was included in every single game before getting injured. Even after the injury I play him during friendlies, as injuries do not count during friendlies. Just before the injury he went to level 1 concern about his game time as I left him on the bench for 2 consecutive games and unfortunately he got injured when I played him and he hasn't featured ever since. That's why it came to me as a complete surprise this morning when his level of concern went to 2, although it was not even possible to play him during his injury. I do accept his concern level 1, as he probably had his reasons, but now this...this is what I don't understand Cheers for the fast responses!
  4. TS26

    Game bug!!!

    Juan Mata has been injured for the last month and will be injured for the next month as well, therefore he's not been playing...however his concern level has grown?! How and why?! It's not possible to play him due to the injury but it looks like he doesn't care and has decided to become concerned?!?!?!
  5. TS26

    Cannot resign

    Hi guys, I applied to become a manager of a club and it displayed that I have to wait until the admin of the league approves my request to takeover the team, however after a few days I decided that I don't want to wait so much and changed my mind....the thing is that now when I try to take back my application so that I can free that slot and take another club it shows me "error" so basically at the moment I am the manager of the club, I cannot resign and technically I don't even have any access to the club...HELP!
  6. I'm currently managing New England Revolution in the American Soccer League and I am about to start a third consecutive season with a negative balance of -21mln, which is constantly growing. This happened to me only once while I was managing another team but then after half a season the chairman invested +50mln. My question is: is it possible that the chairman will invest money so that I can have a positive balance and try to buy players, as currently my squad is of 21 players? I cannot buy anybody, but more importantly I cannot sale anybody so it's impossible for me to clear the negative balance. Any suggestions should I wait or should I just quit the club, although I don't intent to do so?
  7. First of all wish you a Happy New Year! Has anybody else encountered the same problem as me. I have in my squad both Diego Costa and Douglas Costa. In the tactic menu both of them are referred to as D.Costa, therefore when choosing my Target Man I have real concerns, due to the fact that I don't want Douglas Costa to be my Target Man. Anyway this could be resolved? Like adding additional letters or else?
  8. How to switch to the old interface? I hate the new one!
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