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  1. Was wondering who people think will rise highest eventually out of these guys: Serdar Tasci Fabiano Santacroce Diego Godin Emiliano Thiago Silva I currently have Tasci and Silva but could swap them for the others if people think thats a good deal.
  2. Is it better to play an 87 rated RB/CB or an 84 rated CB/LB at CB. I know players play better in their primary position, but how much?
  3. Re: Multiple Transfer Bids Ok I will do then. Im selling him as the money can be used to strengthen in 2/3 positions. Also I really need a winger rather than RM/LM as I play 4-2-3-1/ Just have to decide between Capel and Ben Arfa now.....
  4. I am selling a player (Schwiensteiger). I have an offer from Bordeaux but its not great. As they are an unmanaged club, I can't negiotiate. I don't want to reject their offer as I want a quick sale and might accept it in a couple of days if nothing better comes along. What I want to know is can other unmanaged clubs make bids even though I havent accepted/rejected Bordeaux's bid? (Obviosuly if they can I will wait until seeing what the best deal available is or should I just reject their deal if this makes a better one more likely?)
  5. Re: Which of these wingers? I have narrowed it down to Ben Arfa and Capel, both of whom are available. Who has the most long term potential?
  6. Re: Which of these wingers? I have added Capel to the list. Is Ben Arfa actually the real deal though behind all the hype?
  7. Which of these wingers would be best to buy? I have enough money to afford any of them so its purely on the player. Axel Witsel (will he change position?) Jeremy Menez Angel Di Maria Gervinho Alexis Sanchez Hatem Ben Arfa Diego Capel (Any other suggstions if you can think of anyone better would be welcome) Thanks
  8. Re: Fontana (89) for only 10k Is it worth signing him as a backup keeper? (div 1 team)
  9. Hi, I need a winger for my team. Must be under 23 and with potential, and be rated over 85 at the moment. Looking to spend no more than 12m. Any ideas? I already have Sebastian Giovinco.
  10. Re: which keeper?? Oh well. Joe Hart will be England keeper soon, looks good and should rise more.
  11. Re: which keeper?? You havent mentioned him but Mandanda is a good keeper.
  12. Re: Young Italian Superstars Part 1 Great thread!
  13. Re: Please Help - Striker needed Based upon who is available Im going to get either: R. Acquafresca E. Cavani P. Helmes Acquafresca and Cavani are younger and both CF's but Helmes is probably better at the moment. Who should I go for that will eventally make the best player?
  14. Hi, I have 13m to spend on a new striker for my team. Its an important position for me as I play 4-2-3-1. The team is: -------------------------------Mandanda------------------------------ Sagnol----------Richards-------------------Tasci-----------Evra -------------------Anderson--------------Mikel-------------------- -Schweinsteiger-------------Gourcuff------------------Robben--- -------------------------------???---------------------------- SUBS include SWP, Serkan, Obertan, Palacios I was wondering if I need a CF rather than an F? I had also considered Cavani, anyone got opinions on him? Thanks
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