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  1. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread That we think about BRUNO ALVES (CB 92)? rise, fall, or stay?
  2. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 someone knows something about Gonzalo CASTRO (Bay. Leberkusen) ????
  3. Re: why sfma blocks the deal? never canceled anything, except, in Sao Paulo, and the offers are reasonable, the smfa has been set with our negotiations, and now it is impossible to do anything between us. a true pity....
  4. Re: why sfma blocks the deal? I think it is right. regarding Lavezzi, worth 13 for president, and sells it for 20, is reasonable.... I think, should try to fix it !!
  5. the first, sorry for my bad english, but i have a 1 question....im not understand well this...i want to sell lavezzi for 20 mill (villarreal) to Sao Paulo, when i accept the offer, the smfa blocks the deal, why?? I can not do anything to prevent it? sorry for my english and please, i need help whit this, grettings
  6. Re: Aleksandr ANYUKOV ??? you recommended me, that buy anyukov? greetings
  7. what you think about Aleksandr ANYUKOV? decrease? increase? stay?
  8. Re: GOOD CENTRAL BACK(CB) riser .....you have two eyes???? godin this febrary 23....sorry for 2 years... kompany (MCD/Def Cent) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RICHARDS 20 years old....for 1.... and song 21 sorry, Im very very very bad....:S
  9. Re: Mexican Risers (2009) when continue with "argentina,brazil,chile,uruguay...." ???
  10. Re: GOOD CENTRAL BACK(CB) riser GODIN, diego (villarreal 21 años 90) SONG, alexandre (arsenal 19? 88 ) RICHARDS, micah (man. city 19 89) KOMPANY (man city 20? 90)
  11. Re: Young Argentine Talent what do you think of VIATRI, Lucas (bocajuniors) ¿?
  12. Re: Young Argentine Talent I like this post , what players you think, will increase in argentina ratings?
  13. Re: Gómez MIGUEL TORRES Rise or stay? I think, stay, is better than heinze....
  14. Re: Ronaldo (the 1 who likes ladyboys) to rise??? i think, should have 90 or 91
  15. Re: Ronaldinho to 94 ??? I like with 94 !!
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