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  1. There is a problem, transfers not made after more then 2 days... Usually it is done within 24 hours after accepting. Anyone else experienced similar? Who to contact to solve those issues?
  2. Anderson for sure. He has better OVR ( 91 ) and what is most important he can play DR, DMR, AMLRC. Much more then Sergej M-S can. Maybe Sergej will have position changed/extended, but at the moment Anderson is the choice.
  3. Latin American world 600, ID 342469. Would be nice to get some respond from game admins. As this is the game world I created and currently friendly games being played, before season 2 starts, I would like to get some reply from the admins regarding to possibility of closing the world for good. Another long serving manager who was in the world from the start expressed a wish to leave the world. So, do not want to keep it opened for few cheaters who will use it as training camp for their low moves... Thanks.
  4. I heard that J Klopp is concerned about his future in real Liverpool, after he saw your topic.....
  5. Game engine Diesel? Game engine is that every now and then web error occurs... Then you can simple not enter at all to see what's up in the teams of yours... Am I bitter or annoyed? Maybe I was before, but no space or time for that anymore. All projects and games work same way: buy vip/ badge/ gold membership and have more options. But, even when you buy that, it will not miss you when some tech ### comes. All projects have nice ideas and fine web pages. But tech side ( tech staff ) seems to be on holiday mode ( expression from other manager game ) for good...
  6. Hi all, I support this cheat hunt policy and hope it can be solved in some efficient way ( ban and block all who are involved , as Soccahappy said up there ). As my name can be seen here in the forum, want to underline letter S, which is kinda capital letter of my surname. Not to be mixed with someone who might have same name as me ( because we have different surnames 100%/ not same person/ not same country and town ). That way I distance myself and do not support style of above mentioned person. Thanks.
  7. Division 1 Boca Juniors Independiente Atlético Mineiro Corinthians Cruzeiro Fluminense São Paulo FC Cruz Azul Monterrey Grêmio Division 2 Racing Club River Plate San Lorenzo Vélez Sársfield Botafogo FR Flamengo SC Internacional Club América Tigres UANL Toluca Division 3 Arsenal de Sarandí Colón Estudiantes de LP Palmeiras Santos FC Pachuca Universidad de Chile Chivas de Guadalajara Monarcas Morelia Santos Laguna Division 4 Lanús Newell’s Old Boys Coritiba Goiás Vasco da Gama Nacional Universidad Católica Atlante Pumas UNAM Liga de Quito There are 4 division, Latin American set up ID 342469 . Main point is on youth prospects and good young players who had some upgrade lalety. Therefore will be no rules, just ( again ) some tips for this game world: try to have mostly youths in the squads, avoid big stars who play across Europe like Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo etc. That is the main idea of this game world: long term build up. Some other we can discuss together when is opened. So: sell some oldies and spoiled stars, sit in sofa and enjoy. Thanks for reading
  8. This are some details above. Whilst in Valencia as manager, I do not remember being in any kind of minus. I do not remember how much I had in my club, as have few other teams as manager. But, I am sure I had some nice amount in plus. Is it really possible that in short time one can enter to "red zone"?
  9. Income season wed 11 May Season Ticket Receipts 2,821,500 0 Gate Receipts 20,639,091 1,579,001 TV Revenue 12,364,068 1,141,816 Sponsor 8,748,512 592,125 Merchandise 2,916,171 197,375 Cash Injection 21,215,106 0 Transfer Money In 39,384,680 0 Prize Money 0 0 Other Income 0 0 Total Income 108,089,128 3,510,317 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Expenditure Season Wed 11 May Player Wages 24,124,052 2,186,666 Ground Maintenance 6,516,081 394,750 Transfer Money Out 62,773,000 2,400,000 Other Outgoings 0 0 Total Expenditure 93,413,133 4,981,416 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summary Season Wed 11 May Starting Balance -15,136,094 -1,471,099 Season Income 108,089,128 Weekly Income 3,510,317 Season Expenditure 93,413,133 Weekly Expenditure 4,981,416 Current Balance -460,099 Weekly Balance -1,471,099
  10. I do not know what is the problem, but there is obviously the one there: Spanish championship 6307, ID 73976, team Valencia. My bank balance suddenly shows 68K. Did not buy any new players or any investing as I know. I do not know exactly the amount I had, but was not for sure so low. Is there any admin who can check or maybe help something here?
  11. Can we have some instructions here as well, as there are more worlds in progress still... Thanks.
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