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  1. Think outside the box, and think about the 90+ German players you could buy, and steal from the German Nation, then added in with your Austrian team.
  2. Hasn't been filled yet. Just a couple more spots, and you could be one of them. If you're interested, which nation, and then which club, out of that? And I forget, who are ya in SM?
  3. Sweet. Which nation, and then choose a club out of there, would you like?
  4. What happened to Job Offers, especially in GC's? That was the coolest thing that y'all implemented. Same thing as, when y'all would randomly create GC's, and not tell the managers. There was no reserving. That was so fun, having to time it when signing on. You had created your own market. Now everybody gets what they want, what's the fun in that? Also, why's the squad cap still at 250? That needs to be changed, with all these new things coming out. C'mon now. Drop it to 150 at least. Just make it to where if you are in a GC or any other league, that has managers with 150+ players, they can't buy, until they sell, and get under the 150. Simple, and who cares about the complaints, because in the end, the game will be better for it. Not even Chelsea has over a 100 in real life...
  5. Need 3 More Managers to Make 24! Hurry and get in before it's too late! Check out the rules on the first page. Some good nations still available.
  6. Would like to get some more managers in this league. We've added a new rule to it. Still 35 Player Squad Cap, but if you get relegated, you must sell your Most Valuable Player. Lots of players out there. Only 7/24 Clubs Taken. Apply if interested.
  7. Just finished another exciting season. Will be working on our new wage bills for the upcoming season, shortly. New Wage Bills start, at the beginning of each season. Be patient. Any new managers looking for something different, have a look at some of these clubs. Come in and see if you can build up your wage bill for the future by winning!
  8. December 14, 2007 is when I joined. A year and a few months behind ya. I loved it back then, when it was much more simpler. Also, the thrill of having to time it perfectly, when signing on, and trying to get into the Next GC, was the best thing. When they started popping them out like bunnies, I knew then, the whole SM experience wouldn't be the same. Became commercialized...
  9. Austria, Chile, Mexico, Some Africa Nations, Czech, Russia, and Turkey are all still available! 4 More Managers to make 24. First come, first serve, from now on!
  10. International Premier League, is filling up. Currently at 19 Managers. Check it out here... http://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/158820-international-premier-league-newest-custom-for-forumers/ Some good nations are still available... Austria, Chile, Mexico, Any Africa Nations, Czech, Russia, and Turkey. Hurry, only looking for a few more. Maybe 24 Total! 3 Divisions of 8. If I can't get that many, will just go with 2 Divisions of 20, if I only get one more.
  11. Trying to get somebody to manage them. Markovic is last, but wants Serbia, or it looks like he doesn't want to join up. I'll definitely be trying to find some more managers. GOOD NATIONS STILL AVAILABLE, IF ANYBODY IS INTERESTED! Austria, Chile, Mexico, Any Africa Nations, Czech, Russia, and Turkey, are just a few that are still available. Would like to find some more managers for this league. Thanks.
  12. You would think Torres. Better Program, against better competition, but he started to kind of drift away there at the end. They were bigger games, but that's where you want to be seen. He got in some and did well though. He is a good player. Guedes, don't get me wrong, is at a good program as well, with Benfica, but you never know I guess with the consistency of Portuguese Forwards, especially CF's, and if that's what he's going to play more, who knows. Also, depends on what formation you run, and player you need more, too, and if you value youth, more than older players. I know a lot of managers, now selling Torres, thinking he's done. He may be with Atleti. Could be hard to get a first spot in there, but who knows. One of their big name players could be out next summer, or even this winter, if they aren't doing well enough in the Champions League, like the Barcas, Madrids, Bayerns, PSGs, and Citys of the world will prolly do. That could open up a spot for him. So, depends on really where Torres ends up in life on a 1st team sheet. Guedes, who knows, imo. Cheers.
  13. Alright fine. I feel bad anyways. It is kinda stupid, and was kinda joking as well, in a rude way. Just don't be pushy man. Don't know where your from, but where I'm from, that's rude. Like you popped in on Brookfield News Feed, basically telling me to give you PSV. Just chill out man. I run a good show. Just sit back, relax, and manage your team, according to the rules. Comment and post about stuff on your team and stuff, or about soccer tactics, etc, etc. Add some pictures to posts on the Forum. That always makes it more attractive for other Forumers to see. Been doing this since Dec 2007. I've been around. I don't have time for the nonsense, if you know what I mean. Banter is fun and all. I get into it with my good friend Jess, all the time on this game. It's just part of it. I get that. Give me some time to set this mother effer up, so it'll be a badass league. Like Rahul said, takes time with these things. Plus, I need Managers. And I do like your style of humor, but you have made a few kinda weird pushy comments. Just no more of that. Take a look at the list, your back in as Madrid. I apologize Dhruv if I seemed rude to you as well. Hopefully we can move on. Cheers.
  14. Believe me, all I want is for cheats to not be in the game. Only thing I can recommend, is sending in Bug Tickets, every day, until one of them gets heard. Don't be profane about it, or pushy, just say hey, this guy, and so and so, are cheating. Been trying to have them removed from this league, yada yada. Another thing, you might just want to quit, if the owner of the GW, doesn't have private application on, Or if you are playing in a SM league, I would just quit, and not deal with it myself and move on, because yes, that will keep happening. Because they are open. Will never close.
  15. I like the idea, but you can't just close the gw from new managers. Maybe you were trying to get at, closing the gw from the cheating managers. But that would have to imply, that it's a custom, with private application. Maybe you are also talking about GC's or something of that nature, that SM run. If that's the case, then SM will never do that. If it's GC's, they'll take GM days that are paid for, any day of the week, even if it is a cheater. But they can't know that, until further down the line, when caught. They've got a judicial system, but just like any system, there are holes. Even though my account on here is very fresh, I'm actually the one that started this thread, rio31. I got banned from the forum, for pushing too hard, on trying to change things. Left SM for a bit, because of that, because they treat managers/people, even the cheats, like poop. They don't like it when you call them out. Basically, why I started this thread, years ago. A place to vent, hoping that they will see this complaints/ideas, and take some of them and run with it. But, nothing... I know there have been a few ideas that have come from the forum, but that was back in the 2000s I feel. Once they got some new investors in a few years back, everything changed, imo, for the worse...
  16. You're right, and that's the last thing I want when creating a new GW, is a flaky manager. I don't know you Dhruv. I just met you on SM, an online game, and it's like you want to run my show. Not appealing.
  17. I hate to burst bubbles. But this has all been said over the years. SM hasn't done jack about any of these ideas. Like the post above, they only care about the money now. Not the product, or happy consumers.
  18. I can add you to the list, to choose when it's your turn. Would you like that?
  19. I didn't like your last post. I'm considering making it, but I'm also considering, that I don't want you in it.
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