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  1. There are tons great clubs unmanaged, tons 91+ players out there, please join and play together, thankyou so much "Haziel Ultimate League" 284043
  2. Hey guys, I created a game world called "Haziel Ultimate League" with format same as world championship (2 divisions) Please join, only has 1 manager so far (that is me) Only Neymar and Gotze moved from real team, rest are still on their team like real world Please join and play together, before it closed ??? Thankyou so much, have a nice day!!!
  3. Hello guys please join my game world... Its called "Haziel Ultimate League" Id: 284043 Only one manager (me) controlling Bayern, players are on real clubs, except Neymar and Gotze only, the rest still like real condition, please join before its stopped cuz less manager.... Thankyou so much!!!!
  4. Please Join My Game World Id: 284043 Its Totally empty yoooo, I manage Bayern and Germany Rest are urs!!!! Thank you all!!!!
  5. We only have 2 active managers there, need more players to raise the world, there are messi, boateng, neuer, rodriguez, and so many more good players, trust me Please join us and reply if you want to join Thank you!!!
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