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  1. I'm not sure about 4-3-3b without f(c) player. You can try it though. Go with Modric 6, Kroos 7, De Bruyne 8 (corner taker and vs most formations playmaker), Messi 11 (free kicks, and play maker if the formations you're playing against are weak on the wings), Reus/Griezmann 10 (can go with penalties) and Reus/Griezmann 9 ( I recommend f(c) player in this position, should be the target man and penalty taker if he is fc). You can also try Messi to be 10 and be playmaker and Reus 11 with free kicks. Instructions Direct-Down Both flanks- Counter Attack-Tight Marking-Use Target Man. My advice is to
  2. 4-2-3-1b is a mainstream formation. I don't like it . 4-2-4 all the way .
  3. If there is a free club, count me in.
  4. I'm suggesting if some expirienced manager wants to create such game world (I'm not new manager but new to custom game worlds). Since I looked at the options, here is my idea. 4 divisions (8 clubs each) with top teams from 5 leagues (England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy) - empty squads - up to 25 players in squad - can buy players up to 88 rating and up to 15m price (the whole point of transfers is to buy players whose rating or price can increase and your squad gets better. You can keep the player if his rating/price goes higher) - P/E deals forbidden (will expla
  5. Something like rules - "no transfers over 88 rating/15m max offer for players/clubs start with no players/~70m starting balance/normal economy. Private applications and 100+ rating for managers is required cause i'm tired of cheaters. 2-3 divisions with 16 clubs each (top eu). Sacking managers is an option too.
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